Collection and archiving of fault record and power quality (PQ) data

Collection and archiving of fault record and power quality (PQ) data  SICAM PQS


Siemens SICAM PQS allows all fault records and power quality data to be analyzed in one system. The protection of power distribution equipment is crucial in assuring a reliable power supply. 

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Collection and archiving of fault record and power quality (PQ) data SICAM PQS

Features & functions

Customers expect maximum availability of electrical power, reflecting a consistently high standard of quality. For example, in power system protection, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between critical load cases and short circuits with minimal fault currents. The demands on optimum use and the corresponding parameterization of protective devices are rising. Intensive evaluation of available information from secondary equipment (using fault recorders) is therefore essential. Only this way can today’s high levels of reliability and availability in power transmission and distribution networks be ensured for the future as well. There is also concern that the growing use of power electronics often has a noticeable impact on voltage quality. The resulting inadequate voltage quality leads to interruptions, production losses and high consequential costs. Compliance with the generally valid quality criteria for power supply systems as defined in the European standard EN 50160 is therefore vital. The basis must be reliable recording and assessment of all quality parameters. Weak spots and potential fault sources can be identified early on and systematically eliminated. With the software solution SICAM PQS, Siemens is setting new benchmarks here: For the first time, it is now possible with an integrated software solution to evaluate and archive centrally and vendor-neutral all power quality data from the field. This gives you a quick and uncomplicated overview of the quality of your system. With SICAM PQS, you can keep an eye on all relevant data, including fault records as well as all power quality measurement data. SICAM PQS can also be easily expanded to create a station control system for combined applications.


  • Central PQ archive for:
        - Fault records
        - PQ data
        - Reports
  • Variety of protocols
        - IEC 61850
        - IEC 60870-5-103
        - SIMEAS R Master
        - SICAM Q80 Master
  • Third-party devices connected via COMTRADE / PQDIF import
  • Single or double-end fault locator with option of double or parallel line compensation
  • Grid code evaluation: Online evaluation of recorded PQ data with limits of grid code templates:
        - Standards: EN 50160 MV, EN 50160 LV, IEC 61000
        - User-defined
  • Automatic generation of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly PQ reports accurately describing the network quality
  • Server/client structure for centralized and flexible evaluation.

Application Areas

Power Quality

Ensuring power quality in a phase of energy transitio


Increasing power feed-in from renewable resources poses new challenges for municipalities and distribution system operators.


The stable supply of electric power is any grid operator’s top priority. To avoid fluctuations in power quality and prevent disturbances, grid monitoring, control, and automation systems need to be adapted and optimized across all voltage levels.

Power Generation

Maintaining control of distributed power producers


Ensuring grid stability is becoming increasingly complex.


The vast number of small distributed power producers calls for new strategies to ensure consistent power quality. Identifying, locating, and eliminating disturbances and faults as well as the flexible, quick balancing of power production and load consumption require integrated hardware and software solutions that work smoothly together.


  • Secured voltage quality for the supply of your station
  • Fast, transparent analysis of the cause and development of a network fault
  • Efficient deployment of troubleshooting personnel
  • User-friendliness
  • Evidence of compliance with normalized standards in utilities
  • Online comparison of captured PQ data with standard-specific and customer-specific grid code templates
  • Immediate notification of power quality criteria violations
  • Automatic determining of the fault location
  • Automatic analysis and reporting of power quality criteria violations
  • Structured representation and structured access to archived data
  • Cumulative summary of all PQ data to a state criterion (PQ index)
  • Spatially distributed options for the monitoring and evaluation of PQ measuring data
  • Archiving of PQ data (measured values, fault records, PDR records)
  • Different communication standards and interfaces for device connection and for detection of process data (Ethernet TCP/IP, serial interfaces)
  • Automatic import of third-party devices in PQDIF and COMTRADE format
  • Ethernet network monitoring, e.g. based on SNMP
  • Data exchange via OPC for the connection to office desktop computers
  • Secured data access via a user administration tool
  • Redundant structure of the system on different levels
  • Test and diagnostic functions.

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