Power quality analysis

Power quality analysis SICAM PQ Analyzer

SICAM PQ Analyzer

The SICAM PQ Analyzer provides comprehensive evaluation options for archived PQ measuring data and fault records. In addition to clearly structured fault record analysis, the fault locator facilitates and accelerates the elimination of faults in the power network. PQ violation reports provide a quick and comprehensive overview of limit value violations. Scheduled reports provide an overview of the development of measuring data over selectable time ranges: With the aid of a calendar tool available in all views, you can quickly and easily select any time range over which data is to be displayed in a diagram. The calculated PQ index delivers concise information on the quality of your network. The following various views of the SICAM PQ Analyzer provide the means for evaluation of PQ measuring data and system disturbances.

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Power quality analysis SICAM PQ Analyzer

Incident Explorer


The Incident Explorer provides an overview of all faults stored in the archive. It enables time-related evaluation, and provides a topological and communication view of:

  • Fault records
  • Fault location reports
  • PQ violation reports
  • PDR records

The topological structure of the archive data corresponds to the structure which you defined when configuring the SICAM PQS station. The Incident Explorer serves for the following tasks:


  • Reading the events (confirm)
  • Calling up the evaluation programs
  • Deleting the events from the archive overview
  • Various filter options are available for the selection of events in the power network
  • Selecting the time range from the archive

PQ Inspector


The PQ Inspector provides the operator with a quick overview of the station’s power network quality based on the PQ index. Archived data is analyzed over freely selectable time ranges, and the operator can immediately detect the causes for discrepancies between measured values and grid codes. The PQ Inspector is subdivided into the following 3 views:


  • Select time range Definition of the period under observation and identification of influencing factors for deviations from the specifications via a stoplight model of the self-defined measurements/ characteristics groups
  • Select diagrams Selection of the characteristics of a measuring point and definition of the diagram for data representation.
  • Finalize report Finalization of the report. These views assist you in the step-by-step creation of a manual report.

PQ Explorer


The PQ Explorer provides access to all PQ data stored in the archive. It provides a topological view of the measuring points in your station. Measured and calculated PQ data is evaluated via PQ diagrams. The following diagram types are supported in the process. 


Report browser


The Report browser provides an overview of those scheduled reports and their status, which are created automatically at specified time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). Any desired report can simply be selected for opening and subsequent printing. 


Grid code viewer


The grid code viewer provides the overview required for a supporting analysis:


  • Which grid codes are available?
  • To which elements in the topology have the grid codes been assigned?
  • What characteristics do the grid codes contain?
  • What limits have been defined?

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