Power quality monitoring

PQ Advisor Compact

PQ Advisor Compact

is a new software tool for central monitoring of the power quality in all areas of power supply for industry, infrastructure, and utilities. Gather information: The easiest way to monitor your power quality is to connect SICAM power quality recorders to the PQ Advisor Compact software. You’ll receive valuable information on how and when power quality has been disturbed and where the disturbance originated – externally or internally. Monitor power quality parameters: The software, which requires no configuration, automatically looks for SICAM power quality recorders (SICAM P855/Q100/Q200) in your local network and monitors all relevant operational values. The files containing the measured operational values from the connected devices are automatically downloaded and saved locally in the PQ Advisor Compact. We provide you with a free 14-day test version of the PQ Advisor Compact.

Download for free: 14-day test version


Features & functions

Power quality monitoring PQ Advisor Compact


The PQ Advisor Compact is installed on an existing IT infrastructure (preferably Windows 10, 64-bit) and automatically detects the SICAM power quality recorders connected to the power grid within a few minutes.


The software enables power quality analysis of your electrical grid without a technical background. Thus, you always have the status of your power system at hand or at a glance.


The PQ Advisor Compact analyzes:

  • Which event happened
  • Where the event is located
  • When did the event happened
  • If the cause of the failure lies in your own grid (internal) or outside (external)


The display of the power quality events is shown via a traffic light function for better understanding.

Product details

Usable for these power quality devices

  • SICAM P855
  • SICAM Q100
  • SICAM Q200

File type (able to download), Grid Code

  • Standardized grid code evaluation according to EN 50160

Operating system

  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Windows Server 2019 Standard with Desktop Experience, 64-bit


  • Google Chrome
  • Fire Fox

Storage capacity

  • Primary storage, minimum / recommended: 8 GB / 16 GB
  • SSD hard disk, minimum / recommended: 50 GB / 100 GB

Languages user interface

  • German
  • English

You can select from 2 different variants:

  • Basic module (Software with license key)
  • Starter package (Software with license key and two SICAM Q100 power quality recorder)


The PQ Advisor Compact evaluates the power quality data from power grids for e.g:


  • Solar farms and wind farms
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Residential areas
  • Small industries, e.g. factories for IEDs
  • Large power consumers, e.g. welding systems, arc furnaces
  • Smaller utilities, e.g. municipal utility
  • Hospitals