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When it comes to future-proof power distribution, industrial power supply, power transmission or generation in today’s complex and changing energy environment, sound advice from power system experts is essential. Siemens has a legacy of world renowned engineering experience and innovative software and technologies. Rely on the leading knowledge and global experience of the Siemens PTI power grid consulting experts.

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Our services cover the full spectrum of technical power system issues in the entire energy landscape: from high voltage to low voltage, from generation to consumption, for public and private networks.

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Trends and topics

New challenges call for expert support

Reliable supply of electric power – at any time, any place, in any amount required, and always of the highest quality – is a key requirement for our modern, increasingly digital society. Meeting this requirement is everything but an easy task, and it has always relied on an extensive, complex, and sophisticated power generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.

How automation can contribute to greater grid utilization

Everyone wants an energy transition, but no one wants new power lines in their backyard. In the InnoSys 2030 research project, German grid operators are looking for new approaches to increase the utilization of the existing grid while maintaining the same level of security.

Fault prevention with Power Quality Analytics

Power Quality Analytics is an innovative and scalable digital service to detect disturbances, prevent damage to equipment, and reduce outage costs in electrical grids. The application of modern AI algorithms supports the evaluation of PQ recorder data by identification of abnormal states, evaluation of their criticality and possible disturbance sources.

eMobility charging hub concepts

One of the key challenges during the evaluation of the necessary EV infrastructure is the identification of the optimal techno-economic ratio between electric vehicles and charging points. In accordance with customer specific objectives, Siemens PTI analyzes multiple scenarios and variants to identify the optimal power level and number of charging points per charging station or hub. 

Planning for the future - the technologies on which city planner can rely

Smart Technologies can make life in cities safer, more productive, cheaper and more sustainable. Decentralized, renewable energy sources and storage, infrastructure for electromobility, smart streetlights, smart water meters – the list of promising technologies for the City of the Future is long and steadily growing. Yet what helps bring us closer to fulfilling our vision of a neighborhood life worth living? Read in this whitepaper, released by the Siemens Energy Business Advisory, how urban planners tackle such showcase projects.


Grid analysis, design and optimization - for a sustainable energy future

To achieve sustainable improvements, it takes a holistic view. Siemens power system consulting services range across technical, economic and regulatory disciplines. Experts from the various fields work closely together to meet the requirements of any individual project. This enables us to partner with you on a multitude of tasks across the complete infrastructure project life cycle.

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Our portfolio of network consulting services covers the full range and complete life cycle of power system planning for public and private networks of any voltage level. While every single project has its individual needs, the available scope of services comprises all relevant aspects in the field of power system engineering. Let’s take a look at some of our top reference projects.
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