Distributed energy system planning

An estimated 100 million people are served through off-grid renewable energy systems. (Source: IRENA Working Paper off-grid renewable energy systems, 2015)

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Distributed energy system planning

Concepts for efficient, resilient and independent energy supply

As today’s energy systems are becoming increasingly decentralized, diverse and dynamic, more and more energy is being generated and consumed locally in distributed energy systems (DES) and microgrids, which complement the conventional centralized energy supply system. 

DES and microgrids can be operated autonomously or in islanded mode, but also in connection to a larger grid. In this way, well-designed DES can make a valuable contribution towards smarter and more resilient grids with a higher share of renewable sources. An optimal DES design is based on an integrated planning approach and considers all affected stakeholders, technical feasibility and efficiency, and also displays a well-thought through investment strategy. As an experienced partner, Siemens PTI is able to support you in choosing the right concept, components and design for your DES in order to ensure a profitable business case. 

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