Configuration software for 7SR Reyrolle devices

Engineering tool for protection -  Reyrolle Reydisp Manager

Reydisp Manager

The pc operating program Reydisp Manager is the user interface tool for the configuration of Reyrolle devices. It has an intuitive interface for easy management of the user files to fully configure these flexible devices, including application function selection, user HMI screens (7SR5), graphical logic, user curves, parameter setting and data communication interfaces.  For the IEC 6185 system engineering the IEC 61850 system configurator is also required.

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Features & functions

Configuration software for 7SR Reyrolle devices Reydisp Manager


Reydisp Manager is a Windows suite of software tools, providing the means for the user to fully configure the Reyrolle 7SR devices. 


The single download contains a suite of tools including Reydisp Manager v1 for configuration of 7SR1 & 2 devices and Reydisp Manager v2 for the configuration of 7SR5 devices. 


The Reydisp Manager can also be used with Reyrolle 7SR devices with the exception of Reyrolle 7SR45.


Reydisp Manager suite is free of charge and can be downloaded directly from this site.


  • Application function configuration 
  • Device parameter setting
  • Create and edit logic diagrams
  • Configure ethernet interface and time zone
  • Firmware upload
  • Secure configuration upload
  • Serial communication and event editor
  • Curve creation and editing
  • User screen creation (7SR5 only)
  • Language editor (7SR1 & 2)
  • Device template management
  • Device data access (7SR5 only)


All of the software tools contain the basic tools for saving, printing data and opening template files.


It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and 10.