Configuration software for Reyrolle Protection Devices

Engineering tool for protection -  Reyrolle Reydisp evolution

Reydisp Evolution

The operating and parameterization program Reydisp is the basic software used for the configuration of the Reyrolle range of protection relays. It provides a user-friendly tool with built in tutorial, help file and manual which reduces the requirement for additional training. This intuitive software allows the viewing and editing of settings, viewing fault information, configuring the relays language, IDMT curves and communication data points.

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Features & functions

Configuration software for Reyrolle Protection Devices Reydisp Evolution


Reydisp Evolution is a Windows based suite of software tools, providing the means for the user to fully configure the relay and is common to the entire range of Reyrolle protection relays.


The setting configuration tool allows the user to apply settings, interrogate settings and retrieve events and disturbance waveforms from the device.


Reydisp Evolution and Reydisp Manager are free of charge and can be downloaded directly from this site. The PC-program works with common Windows operating systems incl. Windows XP.


The Language editor software gives the user the ability to customize the text displayed in the relays, Menu structure and instrumentation views. The tool allows a language file to be created and transferred to the relay containing any Western European characters.


To facilitate easier interfacing to a substation the relays default Protocol configuration may be modified using the communication editor software tool. The communication editor is a PC based software package provided within the Reydisp suite which allows modification of the data points available from the relays associated with the IEC 60870-5-103, DNP 3.0 and MODBUS Protocols.


The Curve Editor software allows the creation of IDMTL curves for Reyrolle relays, to allow the user to have more flexibility when grading with other devices. It can import existing curves, create new curves from templates and send the curves to the relay.


All of the software tools contain the basic tools for saving, printing data and opening template files.


Setting Editor:

  • Import and export of parameter sets
  • Parameter manipulation
  • Fault analysis with visualization of waveform analogue and digital data over time
  • Device control
  • Device monitoring
  • Password protection
  • Comparison of setting files

Language Editor:

  • Import and export of language files
  • Editing the language displays to preferred descriptions
  • Managing language files on a relay

Communication Editor:

  • Import and export of the files containing DNP3.0, MODBUS RTU & IEC 60870-5-103 data point information
  • Editing the information displayed for a data information
  • Modification of the data information format and numbering
  • Enabling/Disabling data points within the protocol

Curve Editor:

  • Opening and saving of curves
  • Create curves and send them to the relay
  • Create new curves from templates, by entering points in the grid or by clicking on the graph
  • Add reference curves to compare the current curve to existing curves
  • Easily add/edit/delete points in the grid
  • Zoom in on any area of the graph quickly and easily
  • Save the graph as a picture (jpg, gif, bmp, png and so on)
  • Print graph

Hardware Requirements

  • It is compatible with Mircosoft Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 10
  • 1GB of RAM recommended
  • Pointer device (mouse)
  • Serial port optional
  • USB port