Engineering software for IEC 61850 systems

Engineering software for IEC 61850 systems - IEC 61850 System Configurator

IEC 61850 System Configurator

The IEC 61850 system configurator is the manufacturer-neutral solution for the interoperable engineering of IEC 61850 products and systems and supports all devices with IEC 61850, not just Siemens products - like SIPROTEC 5, SIPROTEC 4, SIPROTEC Compact, Reyrolle, SICAM RTUs, SICAM IO/AI/P85x/ Q100 - but also devices from other areas (such as SITRAS PRO) or from third parties.

Integrated engineering using IEC 61850

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Engineering with IEC 61850

More consistency and automation in the engineering of the secondary equipment of modern substations using the IEC 61850 communication standard. Learn more about the many advantages of standardization in the engineering process as well as its requirements and upcoming developments.

 The tool supports the SCL (substation configuration description language) configuration files from the IEC 61850-6 through import or export of all formats (ICD/IID/CID/SCD/SSD/SED). Thus, IEC 61850 devices can be added and a complete IEC 61850 station is available for the substation automation Technology. IEDs from the IEC 61850 standard of Edition 1 or Edition 2 are supported. The possible engineering therefore includes not only the GOOSE communication and the client/server configuration via MMS reporting but also the system topology, the process bus communication with SMV (sampled measured values) and the IEC 60870-5-104 addresses for the gateway to the network control center via IEC 61850-80-1. Simple engineering thanks to customer-friendly workflows and the universal display of IEC 61850 addresses as well as customer description texts. Users with IEC 61850 basic or expert knowledge find the desired level of detail. For documentation purposes, the engineering can be displayed in the web browser in a customer-friendly form. Harmonized interfaces of the tool, such as with DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5, reduce the engineering effort for Siemens engineering even more.


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