SIPROTEC Function Point Manager

Function Point Manager

Manages function point budgets and assigns function points to SIPROTEC 5, SIPROTEC 5 Compact and SICAM devices

SIPROTEC & SICAM Function Point Manager

Cloud-based generation of license files

The SIPROTEC & SICAM Function Point Manager is a cloud-based service for SIPROTEC and SICAM customers for the central administration of Function Points and to generate license files.
With the Function Point Manager SIPROTEC 5, SIPROTEC 5 Compact and SICAM device functionality can be easily extended within seconds.

Advantages in your daily work with the Function Point Manager

  • One service for all your SIPROTEC 5, SIPROTEC 5 Compact and SICAM devices
  • Switch between different SIPROTEC and SICAM budget accounts via one user account
  • Order now, pay later: The Function Points are only invoiced when the license file is generated
  • Activate device functionality quickly and easily through ad hoc generated license files
  • Specify features late in the engineering process after device purchase
  • Order and store SIPROTEC universal protection relays as spare parts independent of functions
  • Use the Function Point Manager to organize and share all generated SIPROTEC and SICAM license files in your organization
  • Share your budget account with colleagues
  • Create multiple project-related budget accounts

Create a budget account and acquire function points

How to use Function Point Manager

Watch videos and learn about the functionality

3 steps to benefit from building up your individual SIPROTEC 5 functionality


More details

Purchase of Function Points

Function point budgets are ordered outside the Function Point Manager via your account-specific article number from Siemens Regional Sales or in the SiePortal (formerly Industry Mall) and automatically credited to the Function Point Manager budget account. The prerequisite is the budget account, which can be created within one minute on


The credited function points are assigned to the budget account and can be used to create SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 5 Compact license files. Due to the temporal separation of the order of function points and the possibility to generate license files ad hoc, you gain a time advantage and maximum flexibility in engineering.

Functional enhancements with license files

SIPROTEC 5 license files or device attribute files, extension DAF, contain the number of function points for a specific SIPROTEC 5 device. The function points on the device are used to define the scope of device functionality. An increase of the function points means an expansion of the available device functionality.

Based on the available function points, it is possible to generate license files (DAF) for SIPROTEC 5 or SIPROTEC 5 Compact devices by entering the serial number in seconds. The generated license file can be downloaded directly. It is then uploaded to the device with DIGSI 5 or SIPROTEC Tools.

License Management

The generated license files are archived in the Function Point Manager and can be downloaded at any time. Manage all generated SIPROTEC 5 license files of your organization.

Account Transactions and -Management

Keep track of your budget accounts, their users, account balances and all Function Point debits and credits. Subscribe to E-Mail notifications and receive information about account activities and general announcements about new Function Point Manager releases or system maintenance times, etc.

User Management

Multiple users can be assigned to one budget account. A user can have one of these roles:

  • The Account Administrator has full access to the budget account. He can generate license files, view account transactions, make changes to the budget account, add more account users, change their role, or delete account users
  • The Account User generates license files and can view the account transactions
  • The Account Viewer can view the account transactions
Function Point Manager - Profile

Function Point Manager - Profile

Details you will find here.

Easy protection relay selector

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Easy protection relay selector

Easy protection relay selector

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