Smart transition of energy automation systems

Smart Transition

Smart Transition - future as added value

With your decision for devices of the SIPROTEC 5 series, you have made an important and correct decision. Thanks to their modularity and flexibility, you can adapt the devices intelligently and easily to new requirements and needs without having to make changes, for example, to the line protection in other substations - for us this means Smart Transition.

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Features & benefits

Smart transition of energy automation systems

Smart Transition for line protection

With Smart Transition you can innovate your existing SIPROTEC 4 line protection infrastructure step by step to the latest state of the art - line protection devices of the SIPROTEC 5 series. You can also integrate these into the existing line topology or gradually replace your existing devices.


The current SIPROTEC 5 line protection devices enable mixed operation of both device generations and thus a step-by-step transition from SIPROTEC 4 to SIPROTEC 5.

Example 1 shows four substations with line protection devices that communicate with one another in a ring and a step-by-step transition to SIPROTEC 5. Substation 1 has been innovated with SIPROTEC 5 devices.

The second example shows an expansion of the primary equipment with an additional line end for connecting a renewable energy producer.

Smart Transition of line protection applications

Application areas:

  • 2 – 6 line end differential protection
  • Transformer within protection zone
  • Distance protection with teleprotection
  • Transformer differential protection with integrated line protection


Your benefits:

  • Mixed operation of SIPROTEC 4 and SIPROTEC 5
  • Step-by-step replacement and expansion of individual substations
  • Line differential protection of other systems remains in operation
  • Short switch-off time during conversion
  • Use of existing communication links

Article „Attractiveness of line differential protection promotes wider use“

The differential protection principle is based on Kirchhoff's current law. Based on its advantages, it is now used not only in the transmission grid but also more frequently in distribution networks. Thomas Liebach and Andreas Jahr describe the wide application ranges of this protection principle and highlight the advantages of the Siprotec 5 series for modernization measures, among others.