Trip circuit supervision relay

Trip circuit supervision relay – Reyrolle 7PJ13

Reyrolle 7PJ13

The 7PJ13 Trip Circuit Supervision Relay is an electronic-circuit based relay. The relay is a member of Siemens Reyrolle protection devices product family. It is used to monitor and supervise the integrity of a circuit-breaker’s trip coil and other wiring circuits of low-voltage and medium-voltage networks.

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Features & functions

Trip circuit supervision relay Reyrolle 7PJ13


The 7PJ13 is connected with a circuit-breaker to monitor the trip circuit positions (make or break). The 7PJ13 generates a trip circuit failure alarm, either if the trip circuit supply is disconnected or if the trip circuit connection is changed to an open circuit. Trip circuit continuity is measured by supplying the supervision current of 0.7 mA to 1.5 mA and sensing the flow of current with two optocouplers. The circuit-breaker contact indicates the status of the relay whether the circuit-breaker is in a make position or a break position.


The features of the Trip Circuit Supervision Relay are:

  • A universal auxiliary voltage range with very low burden (i.e.)
    – AC 24 V to AC 240 V/DC 24 V to DC 240 V
    – AC 110 V to AC 240 V/DC 110 V 20 DC 240 V
    at less than 4 W.
  • A universal supervision voltage range (i.e.) DC 24 V to DC 240 V.
  • A compact design 96 mm x 48 mm (Width x Height)
  • Fitted with flush-mounting
  • Continuous supervision of trip circuit in pre-closed, post-closed condition, and latched trip condition.
  • Detects faults such as auxiliary voltage loss and circuit breakage in supervised circuits.
  • Indicates operational status by a single LED with dual color.
  • The relay complies with IEC 60255 standards.


The trip circuit supervision relay is used in the following field applications:

  • The relay is used for monitoring activities. The trip circuit wiring is supervised from the positive supply to the negative supply when the circuit-breaker is in a make position or a break position.
  • The relay is used for detecting and generating a circuit-breaker alarm, if the trip circuit supply has failed.
  • The relay is used to generate an alarm if the trip signal is received but the circuit breaker fails to operate.
  • The binary outputs can be wired on to a numerical protection relay to indicate the faulted circuit to remote SCADA.

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