Bay controller unit

Bay controller - SIPROTEC 6MD63 - side view

SIPROTEC 6MD63 (phase out product)

The 6MD63 bay control unit is a flexible, easy-to-use control unit. It is optimally tailored for medium-voltage applications but can also be used in high-voltage substations. The 6MD63 bay control unit has the same design (look and feel) as the other protection and combined units of the SIPROTEC 4 relay series. Configuration is also performed in a standardized way with the easy-to-use DIGSI 4 configuration tool. For operation, a large graphic display with a keyboard is available. The important operating actions are performed in a simple and intuitive way, e.g. alarm list display or switchgear control. The operator panel can be mounted separately from the relay, if required. Thus, flexibility with regard to the mounting position of the unit is ensured. Integrated key-operated switches control the switching authority and authorization for switching without interlocking.

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Features & functions

Bay controller SIPROTEC 6MD63


  • Optimized for connection to three-position disconnectors
  • Switchgear interlocking interface
  • Suitable for redundant master station
  • Automation can be configured easily by graphic means with CFC

Control functions

  • Number of switching devices only limited by number of available inputs and outputs
  • Position of switching elements is shown on the graphic display
  • Local/remote switching via key switch
  • Command derivation from an indication
  • 4 freely assignable function keys to speed up frequently recurring operator actions
  • Switchgear interlocking isolator/c.-b.
  • Key-operated switching authority
  • Feeder control diagram
  • Measured-value acquisition
  • Signal and command indications
  • P, Q, cos φ (power factor) and meter-reading calculation
  • Event logging
  • Switching statistics

Monitoring functions

  • Operational measured values
  • Energy metering values
  • Time metering of operating hours
  • Slave pointer
  • Self-supervision of relay

Communication interfaces

  • System interface
        - IEC 61850 Ethernet
        - IEC 60870-5-103 protocol
        - PROFIBUS-FMS
        - DNP 3.0
        - PROFIBUS-DP
        - MODBUS
       - Service interface for DIGSI 4 (modem)/temperature detection (thermo-box)
        - Front interface for DIGSI 4
        - Time synchronization via IRIG-B/DCF 77

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