Motor and generator protection

Motor and generator protection – SIPROTEC 7UM61

SIPROTEC 7UM61 (phase out product)

The SIPROTEC 7UM61 protection relays can do more than just protect. They also offer numerous additional functions. Be it earth faults, short-circuits, overloads, overvoltage, overfrequency or underfrequency, protection relays assure continued operation of power stations. The SIPROTEC 7UM61 protection relay is a compact unit which has been specially developed and designed for the protection of small and medium-sized generators.

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Features & functions

Motor and generator protection SIPROTEC 7UM61


They integrate all the necessary protection functions and are particularly suited for the protection of:

  • Hydro and pumped-storage generators

  • Co-generation stations

  • Private power stations using regenerative energy sources such as wind or biogases

  • Diesel generator stations

  • Gas-turbine power stations

  • Industrial power stations

  • Conventional steam power stations

The device can also be used for protecting synchronous and asynchronous motors. 

The integrated programmable logic functions (continuous function chart CFC) offer the user high flexibility so that adjustments can easily be made to the varying power station requirements, on the basis of special system conditions. 

The flexible communication interfaces are open for modern communication architectures with the control system.



  • 4 current transformers
  • 4 voltage transformers
  • 7/15 binary inputs
  • 11/19 binary outputs
  • Text display
  • Surface-mounting or flush-mounting housing

Communication interfaces

  • System port 
    – IEC 60870-5-103 

    – DNP 3.0


  • Service port

    – DIGSI 4

    – Modem

    – Thermobox

  • Front port

    – DIGSI 4

  • Time synchronization via IRIG B, DCF77 or system interface


Basic version

  • Stator earth-fault protection

  • Sensitive earth-fault protection

  • Stator overload protection

  • Overcurrent-time protection (either definite-time or inverse-time)

  • Definite-time overcurrent-time protection, directional

  • Undervoltage and overvoltage protection

  • Underfrequency and overfrequency protection

  • Reverse power protection

  • Overexcitation protection

  • External trip coupling

Standard version - Scope of basic version plus

  • Forward-power protection

  • Underexcitation protection

  • Negative-sequence protection

  • Breaker failure protection

Full version - Scope of standard version plus:

  • Inadverdent energization protection

  • 100%- stator earth-fault protection with 3rd harmonic

  • Impedance protection

Asynchronous motor - Scope of standard version plus

  • Motor starting time supervision

  • Restart inhibit (without underexcitation protection)

Monitoring functions

  • Trip circuit supervision

  • Fuse failure monitor

  • Operational measured values V, I, f,…

  • Every metering value Wp,Wq

  • Time metering of operation hours

  • Self-supervision of relay

  • 8 oscillographic fault records