Digital protection relays and control - SIPROTEC 5

Protection relay with control functions : SIPROTEC 5

SIPROTEC 5 is part of the new generation of incomparable modular, flexible, and intelligent digital field devices. With modularly designed hardware and software and its high-performance DIGSI 5 engineering tool, the SIPROTEC 5 product family of field devices are perfect for protection, control, monitoring, and measuring applications in electrical energy systems. SIPROTEC 5 offers a wide product range with modular elements for every application and requirement.

SIPROTEC Function Point Manager

SIPROTEC Function Point Manager

SIPROTEC Function Point Manager manages function point budgets and assigns function points to SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 5 Compact devices to extend their functionality.

Single Event Upset (SEU) - A physical phenomenon and SIPROTEC 5 measures 

With the advancement of semiconductor technology in the nanometer range, a physical phenomenon, which was typically only observed in aerospace engineering up to now, has become also relevant to numerical protection devices. This white paper give an overview of the causes and effects of SEUs, as well as the solutions that SIEMENS uses to maintain the reliability of its SIPROTEC 5 products.

SIPROTEC 5 portfolio

Protection Relay: SIPROTEC 5 new versions

SIPROTEC 5 – Version V8.3 and V8.4

This version expands the use of SIPROTEC 5 devices in the areas of user-friendliness, communication, safety and security and industrial application.


Some of the highlights:

  • Distributed busbar protection for up to 45 bays
  • Power Quality Basic functions
  • Favorite settings and filtering of routing information
  • Automated IEC 61850 engineering with typicals
  • Measuring point disconnection
  • Dynamic voltage regulation (DVR)
  • Virtual network segregation (VLAN)
  • Profinet IO with S2 redundancy
  • Merging unit: 2 sampled values streams per module
  • IEEE C37.118 PMU
  • Authenticated network access IEEE 802.1X
Protection Relay and Control Device Selector -ANSI- Easy and Online

Easy Protection Device Selector

This tool gives a quick guidance to find a protection relay and control devices of SIPROTEC 5, SIPROTEC 4, SIPROTEC Compact, Reyrolle which would fit your needs.

SIPROTEC 5 application topics


Modular, flexible, intelligent

With SIPROTEC 5, Siemens is offering the most comprehensive protection portfolio in the industry.

SIPROTEC 5 sets the benchmark for protecting, automating, and monitoring your network. As an incomparably modular, flexible generation of intelligent digital field devices, SIPROTEC 5 offers a comprehensive product family with modular elements for every application and requirement that can be precisely configured to your application.

SIPROTEC 5 delivers maximum protection and flexibility throughout the entire lifecycle. Take advantage of the leading provider in the field of protection, a global partner that supports you every step of the way.

SIPROTEC 5 configurator

Design your perfect solution with SIPROTEC 5 using our online configurator. You’ll have your solution of choice, in just a few mouse clicks.



SIPROTEC 5 Protection and Control Applications

Tutorials all about the features, functions, and applications of SIPROTEC 5 protection relays and controls

Dr. Thomas Liebach explains the expansion of SIPROTEC 5 devices.

SIPROTEC 5 presented by Manfred Unterweger.

Udo Faubel explains the SIPROTEC 5 configurator:

SIPROTEC 5 System Features


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Single Event Upset (SEU)

Single Event Upset - A physical phenomenon and SIPROTEC 5 measures. This white paper give an overview of the causes and effects of SEUs, as well as the solutions that SIEMENS uses to maintain the reliability of its SIPROTEC 5 products.
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