Perfectly suited for protection in distribution systems and industry, with minimal space requirement SIPROTEC Compact devices provide a comprehensive range of functions in a surprisingly compact and space-saving housing. Whether as main or as backup protection, a single SIPROTEC Compact device provides protection functionality for every conceivable fault. And it can do even more – it supports the control, automation, and monitoring functions in the substation.

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Highest availability even in harsh environment

SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC Compact – Conformal Coating as standard

The new coating feature provides an additional level of protection for SIPROTEC devices used in extremely harsh environmental conditions.

SIPROTEC Compact Portfolio

Highest availability even in harsh environment

Conformal coating as standard provides an additional level of protection for SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC Compact devices used in normal and extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Engineering tools for protection

SIPROTEC and Reyrolle devices can be simply, reliably and safely engineered, adjusted, controlled, automated and evaluated with state-of-the art software.