Feeder Protection and Recloser Controller

Feeder Protection and Recloser Controller – SIPROTEC 7SC80


The SIPROTEC 7SC80 feeder protection can be used for protection and automation of medium voltage distribution feeders with grounded or low resistance grounded, isolated, or compensated neutral point. The 7SC80 features “flexible protection functions”. 20 additional protection functions can be created by the user. For example, a rate of change of frequency function or a reverse power function can be created. The relay provides circuit-breaker control.

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Feeder Protection and Recloser Controller SIPROTEC 7SC80

Features & functions


Additional primary switching devices (grounding switches, transfer switches and isolating switches) can also be controlled from the relay. Automation or PLC logic functionality is also implemented in the device. The integrated programmable logic (CFC) allows the user to add own functions, e.g. for the automation of switchgear (including: interlocking, transfer and load shedding schemes). The user is also allowed to generate user-defined messages. The upgrade of device and communication firmware is also possible via Ethernet.


Control functions/programmable logic

  • Commands for the ctrl. of CB, disconnect switches (isolators/isolating switches)
  • Control through keyboard, binary inputs, DIGSI 4 or SCADA system
  • User-defined PLC logic with CFC (e.g. interlocking)


Monitoring functions

  • Operational measured values V, I, f
  • Energy metering values Wp,Wq
  • Minimum and maximum values
  • Circuit-breaker wear monitoring
  • Fuse failure monitor
  • 8 oscillographic fault records
  • Trip circuit supervision


Communication interfaces


  • Ethernet electrical and optical (miltimode or single-mode)
  • IEC 61850 Edition 1 and 2
  • DNP3 TCP
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • Ethernet redundancy protocols RSTP, PRP and HSR
  • USB front interface for DIGSI 4



  • 4 current transformers
  • 1/4 voltage transformers
  • 12 binary inputs
  • 8 binary outputs
  • 1 life contact
  • Pluggable current and voltage terminal blocks
  • Connection option for low-power current and voltage transformers


The feeder protection SIPROTEC 7SC80 is a numerical protection device that can perform control and monitoring functions and therefore provides the user with a costeffective platform for power system management, that ensures reliable supply of electrical power to the customers. Device operation was designed according to ergonomic aspects. Top priority was given to good display readability and large function keys. The 32 LEDs allow displaying numerous states and alarms.



The integrated control function permits control of disconnect devices, grounding switches or circuit-breakers through the integrated operator panel, binary inputs, DIGSI 4 or the systems control (e.g. SICAM).


Programmable logic

The integrated logic characteristics (CFC) allow the user to add own functions for automation of switchgear (e.g. interlocking), switching sequence or of the distribution system. The user can also generate user-defined messages.


Operational measured values

Extensive measured values, metered values and limit values provide improved system management as well as commissioning.


Operational indication

Event logs, trip logs, fault records and statistics documents are stored in the relay to provide the user or operator with all the key data required to operate modern substations.


Line protection

The SIPROTEC 7SC80 units can also be used for line protection of medium-voltage distribution feeders with grounded, low-resistance grounded, isolated, or compensated neutral.


Transformer protection

The device provides all the functions for backup protection for transformer differential protection. The inrush suppression effectively prevents unwanted trips that can be caused by inrush currents. The high-impedance restricted groundfault protection detects short-circuits and insulation faults on the transformer.


Backup protection

As a backup protection the SIPROTEC 7SC80 devices are universally applicable.


Switchgear cubicles for high/medium voltage

All units are designed specifically to meet the requirements of high / medium-voltage applications. In general, no separate measuring instruments (e.g., for current, voltage, frequency, …) or additional control components are necessary.



Grid Resilience

Intelligent technologies for stable grids

Automation solutions and remote control technology enhance the reliability of distribution grids


Despite every effort, grid disturbances and faults can never be entirely eliminated. This is why control room personnel must be enabled to work quickly and effectively to resolve problems in a targeted manner. Comprehensive automation and remote-control solutions optimize these capabilities.


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CAPEX savings

Efficient grid expansion 


A combination of robust technology and digital innovations leads to increased efficiency


Maintaining or even increasing grid performance is becoming ever more challenging. With growing efforts, expenses grow as well. Innovative technologies and smart data usage can help municipalities and DSOs to master these challenges and to increase their competitiveness.


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Unplanned outages

Keeping your grids up and running 


Using sophisticated tools and solutions for fast grid restoration


Unplanned outages cannot always be avoided. Flexible solutions for local and remote monitoring enable the fast and efficient restoration of cable grids and overhead lines.


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OPEX savings

Optimizing business operations 


Comprehensive and efficient ways for municipalities and DSOs to get the most out of their OPEX


The growing demand for power from industries and households can be fulfilled simply. With modern technologies and innovative solutions such as optimized voltage and capacity management, self-healing grids, and by avoiding losses of any kind.


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  • Support of feeder automation applications, e.g. fault isolation and service restauration
  • Designed for harsh environment
  • Extended temperature range –50 °C up to 85 °C
  • Open for all different communication technologies, e.g. radio, which are used for feeder automation
  • Integrated GPS module is available for time synchronisation
  • Full remote access supported for firmware and parameter updates and upgrades
  • A web based HMI provides complete remote control of the device
  • 9 programmable function keys
  • 6-line display
  • Integrated switch for low-cost and redundant optical rings. Devices can be connected directly with each other at electrical modules
  • Parallel running communication protocols
  • Redundancy protocols RSTP, PRP and HSR for highest availability
  • Current Jump detector
  • Extended CFC capabilities
  • 24 km Single mode interface
  • RTU version without protection features
  • Secondary current transformers values (1 A / 5 A9 settable using DIGSI)
  • Buffer battery exchangeable from the side
  • USB front port
  • Relay-to-relay communication through Ethernet with IEC 61850 GOOSE
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Millisecond-accurate time synchronization through Ethernet with SNTP
  • Inputs for Low power CTs and VTs according IEC 61869-6 (formerly IEC 60044-7 and IEC 60044-8)

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