Efficiently plan, design, and operate electricity grids 

Power system planning for Electricity grids

PSS®SINCAL Platform supports your entire engineering workflow 

For over 20 years, the PSS®SINCAL Platform has enabled engineers to tackle different challenges of the changing distribution, transmission, and industrial power systems, including maintaining high reliability of supply and efficiently integrating Distributed Energy Resources.  With the modular platform of PSS®SINCAL, power system planning and operation engineers are supported with their entire workflow from the initial data import and network modeling (considering past, current and future conditions), to basic and extended calculations, all the way to extensive protection simulations and analysis as well as other methods in time and frequency domains.  

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Explore the various PSS®SINCAL Platform modules for electricity network planning, simulation, and analysis.

Core Modules

PSS®SINCAL Core Modules

From Power Flow and Short-Circuit, all the way to Harmonics, discover the core calculation modules for unlocking many other calculations in PSS®SINCAL. Learn more about the additional core engine PSS®NETOMAC enabling stability and transient analysis.

Power Flow (PF)

Short Circuit (SC)

Harmonics / Harmonic Contingency (OB)

Stability (RMS) (ST)

Electromagnetic Transients (EMT)

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Protection Modules

PSS®SINCAL Protection Modules

Tackle the complex field of protection with powerful simulations and visualizations, from protection coordination, validation, and calculation of settings, all the way to automated system-wide protection studies.

Overcurrent Time Protection Simulation (OC)

Extended Protection Simulation (SZ)

Distance Protection Setting Calculation (DI)

Protection Security Assessment (PSA)

Fuse Dimensioning (DN)

Arc Flash Calculation (AFH)

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Extended Analysis Modules

PSS®SINCAL Extended Modules for Analysis

Time series, load and generation trimming and future grid development scenario calculation, motor start-up and more.

Thermal Destruction Analysis (TDA)

Operating Point/Time Series Calculation (LP)

Network Development (LD)

Load Assignment/ Transformer Tap Detection (LA)

Load Flow Optimization (OL)

Economic Efficiency Calculation

Motor Start-Up (MA)

Multiple Faults (MF)

Time Series Data Interface (TSDI)

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Massive and Parallelized Analysis Modules

PSS®SINCAL Massive and Parallelized Analysis Modules

Run simulations over the whole network to address analysis needs around integration of renewables and charging infrastructure, from Contingency Analysis and Resupply, to Network Stress Test and Maximum Hosting Capacity.

Contingency Analysis and Resupply (CA)

Probabilistic Reliability Analysis (ZU)

Maximum Hosting Capacity (ICA)

Network Stress Test (NST)

Energy Storage Placement and Sizing (ES)

Grid Code Compliance Renewables (EEG)

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Optimization and Planning Modules

PSS®SINCAL Optimization and Planning Modules

Optimize the power flow, the quality of power in your network and the network structure including Optimal Branching, Compensation Optimization, Volt/Var Optimization and more.

Optimal Network Structures (ON)

Optimal Branching (OT)

Compensation Optimization (CO)

Volt/Var Optimization (VVO)

Load Balancing (LB)

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Model Management Modules

PSS®SINCAL Model Management Modules

Explore the various functions to import data and create, manage, re-structure or reduce and share a network model and the associated network graphic(s).

Multi-User Master Database (PM)

Model Merge (MERGE)

Network Reduction (NR)

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Element and Controller Modelling

Element and Controller Modelling

Calculate parameters of overhead lines and cables, leverage an intuitive model editor for user-defined models in steady-state and dynamic analysis as well as linkage with user-defined subsystems (DLL), and access the extensive dynamic model library.

Line and Cable Parameters (LEIKA)

Graphical Model Builder (GMB)

DLL Model Interfaces (DLL)

Dynamic Model Library (DML)

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Advanced Dynamic and Transients Modules

Advanced Dynamic and Transients Modules powered by PSS®NETOMAC

Explore the modules available in the Expert Mode in PSS®SINCAL (leveraging the native GUI of the PSS®NETOMAC engine) – launch directly within the PSS®NETOMAC GUI to run advanced calculations for dynamics and transients.

Eigenvalue / Modal Analysis (EVA)

Torsional Analysis (TOR)

Frequency Domain and Resonances (FRD)

Identification and Optimization (OPT)

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Technical Description

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