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Centralized Data Management and Exchange

A "single source of truth" for model data across the enterprise, i.e. a single location to coordinate and manage network modeling information across operations, operations planning, and long-term planning. It allows transmission companies to centrally manage, visualize, store, synchronize, and exchange their network model data across multiple departments, systems, entities, and time horizons.

Automated Case Creation for Network Operations Planning Studies

Solves case creation problems by providing effortless, automated, repeatable, and accurate production of solved forecast cases in both PSS®E and CGMES formats.

ENTSO-E CGMES Compliance and PSS®E <--> CIM / CGMES

Data Conversion (for European TSOs)

Enable network model data between PSS®E and CGMES formats. Achieve compliance with ENTSO-E CGMES data formatting requirements. Achieve compliance with ENTSO-E CGMES rdf:ID persistence and uniqueness requirements.

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Provides a lightweight, easy to deploy situational awareness solution that works with your existing SCADA system. It is a fraction of the deployment and maintenance cost of a full EMS or SCADA replacement.

Offline Study Functions Based on Real-Time Operations

Models / Data / Scenarios

Create cases and perform offline study functions based on your real-time operations models / data / scenarios. Training, model validation, and event re-creation. Instantly create cases and perform studies around system outages, voltage collapse, cascade scenarios, black start sequencing, safe switching procedures, load shedding, and remedial action scheme RAS / SPS modeling.

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