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Plan and protect reliable distribution grids with precision and speed! This PSS®SINCAL trial version is ready to use as soon as it is installed and enables you to test most modules on networks up to 50 nodes. This version is not available for individuals (who are not affiliated with an organization), students or universities.

Are you in education or research? 

This evaluation is not available for individuals, students or universities. However, with various options for PSS®SINCAL/PSS®NETOMAC academic users, power engineering students and researchers around the world can start using an enhanced system planning software to facilitate a modern and future ready education. Please click here to learn more and get started

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Complete the form below to request your PSS®SINCAL trial. After you register, be on the lookout for your request confirmation and more information via email. By clicking "send" below this indicates that you read and agree to the terms within the evaluation agreement*This evaluation is not available to individuals, students or universities.*