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Siemens’ full range of energy automation services and smart grid solutions is completely tailored to your specific needs. Our comprehensive service portfolio covers various areas such as Uptime Services, Retrofit & Enhancement Services, Digital & Cybersecurity Services as well as Training Services. Our services can provide valuable support to you in supplying your customers with energy - reducing your costs and optimizing your operations in the meantime. With our help, you can ensure stable and efficient operations, develop new business models while making your business fit for the age of digitalization. 

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Uptime services

Uptime services

We offer a flexible range of uptime services to ensure that you are supported effectively and in a timely manner to meet the operational continuity demands and challenges you face daily.


Preventive maintenance services

We proactively manage your installed equipment to avoid technical problems arising in an unplanned and disruptive manner to ensure higher continuous availability of your systems throughout their lifecycles.

  • Regular site visits and diagnostics and maintenance planning
  • Long term service agreements (LTSAs) and tailorable service contracts 

Corrective maintenance services

Our experts respond to technical issues and faults to minimize the impact and downtime by providing you technical support in your local language, with 24/7 capability.

  • Reliable and cybersecure remote access services - cRSP and Circuit Expert – for efficient analysis and troubleshooting
  • Flexible options for quick spare parts provisioning
  • Hotline support, repair centers and service hubs in 6 locations worldwide 

Retrofit and enhancement services

Retrofit and enhancement services

Towards the end of their lifecycles, the failure rates of power systems components increase drastically, leading to higher operational expenditures. With our retrofit & enhancement services, we assess your existing installation and develop a clear plan for timely updates and upgrades that fits well into your budgetary and business needs.


Retrofit services

We ensure continued maintainability of your installed base, thereby protecting your systems from obsolescence

  • Be it for a single substation or a multi-year retrofit program
  • Different packages ranging from consulting to implementation
  • Minimal onsite intervention, with reduced downtime

Enhancement services

We help you to transition into a fully enhanced and digitalized energy automation system with higher capacity via

  • Upgrades such as IoT connectivity, ARC flash protection
  • Extensions such as adding new bays or busbar extensions
  • Improving cybersecurity defense and leveraging new functions through system software updates


Digital and cybersecurity services

Digital and cyber security services

From digitalized energy automation systems inside substations, transformer stations and microgrids to IoT-enabled cloud services, we are continuously developing innovative solutions to help you be more proactive and effective in managing your business.


We are also acutely aware that critical systems must be protected against cyberthreats. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity services to help you digitalize your systems while addressing cyber risk and meeting cyber regulatory requirements.


Security Patch Management Service

With our security patch management services, which are offered in four levels, we enable you to effectively and scalably manage the identification, testing, deployment, and documentation of critical security patches and updates for not only Siemens products but also a wide range of third party products used in energy automation and SCADA installations.


Our service enables you to patch your heterogenous OT installed base without risking system downtime due to unforeseen side effects. Thereby enabling you to better defend your power systems from cyber incidents and comply with cyber-regulations.


Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) Service

Our SIEM service is all about helping you to detect at an early stage any attempts to attack your energy automation and control center systems so that you can respond before the systems' functions are affected by an attack.  

  • Field-level visibility of security-relevant events
  • Keep abreast with the evolving OT cyberthreat landscape
  • Comply with cyber-regulatory requirements  

You can choose from our SIEM service deployment options the one that suits you best: as an on-premise solution or as a managed cloud service.

Power academy training services

Power Academy training services

Power Academy training services


Our Power Academy training service caters to your power transmission and distribution learning needs.


Around 6000 trainees every year attain their professional learning through our certified expert trainers. Our curricula are customizable, cover all skill levels, and are complete with real life examples and hands-on exercises.


Our courses make all the difference

  • Real life examples and hands-on training
  • Leading experts certified as trainers
  • Comprehensive trainings in small groups
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