Retrofit and Enhancement of Energy Automation

Retrofit and enhancement services

Protection relays and energy automation systems
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Retrofit and enhancement services

Update your energy automation systems

As electrical components deployed in power systems come closer to the end of their lifecycles, their failure rates may increase drastically, leading you to incur higher operational expenditures. It is prudent, therefore, to extend their lifespans with timely retrofits and enhancements and thereby significantly reduce the cost of ownership.

Siemens technology and services

We assess your existing installation and develop a clear plan for retrofits and enhancements that fits well into your budgetary and business needs. With our knowhow and trusted expertise, we ensure reliable project planning, implementation, and a seamless integration of the identified retrofits and enhancements.


Our retrofits and enhancement services are available for the complete energy automation landscape, including:

  • Protection devices
  • Substation automation and control systems
  • Power quality systems
Easy relay retrofit selector

Service – that fit your needs

Services for energy automation

Retrofit services

With our retrofit services:

  • You get a proper assessment about your systems and we develop a clear plan for upgrades and replacements.
  • You get bundled services into different packages ranging from consulting to implementation and we can tailor it to your specific needs.
  • We largely complete activities offsite in order minimize onsite intervention. 


Engage our retrofit services and reduce your cost of ownership while improving operational reliability.

Smart transitions with enhancement services

With our enhancement services:

  • You upgrade your energy automation capabilities such as enabling IoT connectivity, applying ARC flash protection, or improving cybersecurity defense, to name a few.
  • You increase the capacity of your existing electrical systems by extending your substations, for example – by adding new bays or busbar extensions.


With our enhancement services, we help you to transition into a fully enhanced and digitalized energy automation system.

Easy relay retrofit selector

Find the right substitute for your existing protection relays

Easy relay retrofit selector

Easy relay retrofit selector

Easy tool to find the right Siemens protection relay for your retrofit project.

Smart transition of energy automation systems

Retrofit of protection relays with SIPROTEC 5

How you always keep up to date with SIPROTEC 5 relays

With your decision for devices of the SIPROTEC 5 series, you have made an important and correct decision. Thanks to their modularity and flexibility, you can adapt the devices intelligently and easily to new requirements and needs without having to make changes, for example, to the line protection in other substations - for us this means Smart transition.

Retrofit examples for protection, substation automation and RTUs

Retrofit for protection relays with SIPROTEC 5 Compact

Future-oriented, economic, compact. With SIPROTEC 5 Compact, you can renew and optimize your medium voltage protection devices in distribution grids and industry.

Retrofit of SICAM AK3 with SICAM A8000

SICAM A8000 rack offers you a series of completely new perspectives: In only a few steps, you migrate from a proven system to a future-oriented system. With this retrofit measure, you immediately benefit from the full functionality of the SICAM A8000 system. Minimize your costs by continuing to use your peripheral hardware including wiring and along the way, comply with all current cyber security requirements.


Get information about SICAM AK3 and SICAM A8000

Retrofit of SICAM TM with SICAM A8000

Secure and fast communication of remote terminal units (RTUs) is essential to guaranteeing a secure and reliable electrical energy system in today’s challenging complex electrical networks.

SICAM A8000 offers you the possibility of using the benefits of the new IP technology while ensuring total security.

And all this with your existing components from the SICAM MIC and TM1703 MIC series.


Get information about SICAM A8000

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Retrofit and enhancement services

Extend the lifespans of your energy system and thereby significantly reduce your costs of ownership with our retrofits and enhancement services for energy automation.

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Strong protection relay and energy automation portfolio for the retrofit and enhancement of your substation

Easy protection relay selector

Find the right protection relay

Easy protection relay selector

Easy protection relay selector

This tool gives a quick guidance to find a protection relay of SIPROTEC 5, SIPROTEC 4, SIPROTEC Compact, Reyrolle which would fit your needs.

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