Powerline carrier

Powerline carrier – PowerLink 50/100

PowerLink 50/100

PowerLink 50/100 uses the high-voltage line between transformer substations as a low- to medium data rate (backup) communications path for data, voice and protection signals.

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Powerline carrier PowerLink 50/100

Features & functions


PowerLink offers the ability to monitor and protect high-voltage transmission lines even in places without fiber-optic connections or where other communication links are not economically viable. The PowerLink 50/100 system uses the existing high-voltage line between transformer substations as a low- to medium data rate communications path for data, voice and protection signals. Powerline communication technology has proven its reliability even under most adverse conditions. Regardless of the situation, PowerLink can be used to ensure continuous information flow even in the event of a fault.

PowerLink 50/100 still is the most cost-effective solution when it comes to covering long distances with limited data rates. If the data speed provided by classical PLC technology are insufficient, please refer to our PowerLink IP solution that provides broadband datarates.

Its compatibility with all relevant transmission solutions in combination with its ability to use existing infrastructure makes PowerLink a highly versatile and cost-efficient solution.


PowerLink provides highest communications standards for power network protection. Its robuste and established technology has been adapted to the latest standards.


PowerLink 50/100 serves two main applications:


  • as a communications link between substations where other communication connections do not exist or would not be economically viable, or
  • as a backup system for transmitting protection signals parallel to an installed fiber-optic link.


It is typically used for transmission of

  • protection signals
  • telecontrol signals
  • voice
  • data

Functions / Features

  • Universally applicable in analog, digital, or mixed operation
  • Bandwidth selectable 2 kHz – 32 kHz
  • Frequency range 24 kHz – 1,000 kHz
  • Transmission data rate up to 320 kbps
  • Transmission power 20/50/100 W
  • Support of a wide range of legacy (analog) and digital interfaces
  • Integration of protection signal transmission system SWT 3000


  • Cost-effective for small to medium data volumes over long distances
  • Use of utility-owned resources (power lines)
  • Highest reliability even in adverse conditions (for example, for protection signaling)
  • Compatible with broadband technologies for highest availability

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