Powerline condition monitoring

Powerline condition monitoring – PowerLink CM

PowerLink CM

PowerLink CM is an active condition monitoring solution for high-voltage AC or DC, powered or unpowered transmission lines, offering precise localization of line faults and continuously tracking of line condition.

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Powerline condition monitoring PowerLink CM

Features & functions


The increasing competition in the energy market leads to strong cost and efficiency pressure along the complete value chain of power generation, transmission and distribution. Under such circumstances, ensuring highest availability requires the best possible operational performance and efficiency.


Today’s most common solutions indirectly monitor the line condition by measuring current and voltage. Line faults are typically localized by using detectors based on travelling wave technology. While these methods work reasonably well on powered lines, they fail on grounded or unpowered lines as used in particular in the HVDC environment. In addition, fault locators utilizing travelling wave mechanisms require the detectors to be active at the exact time of the fault event.

With PowerLink CM, Siemens offers a Condition Monitoring solution to allow for precise localization of line faults and to continuously track the condition of your transmission lines.


PowerLink CM is a state-of-the-art, active condition monitoring solution designed to serve two main purposes:

  • fault location
  • continuous line monitoring.

The primary purpose is to precisely identify the location of line faults, be it open (e.g. line break) or close (e.g. short).


The system keeps any kind of power line, phase, ground or metallic return, under surveillance and provides alarming as well as precise fault localization. Location information is available at time of the fault event but can also be triggered after the event.

If used in continuous operation mode, variations in line impedance characteristics are monitored over time and distance. By means of such long-term statistics on line condition even sporadic events, like ground clearance, clearance to trees, impact of climatic changes or peak loads can be detected and located. This allows the identification of upcoming issues before a serious fault condition is reached.

Functions / Features

  • Active monitoring of high-voltage transmission lines
  • Fault location accuracy of up to (100 m + 0,1% of line length)
  • Detection of slow, long-term line condition changes (impedance variations)
  • Integrated spectrum analyzer
  • Ready for cloud connectivity
  • Efficient frequency management supporting non contiguous frequency bands
  • Smooth coexistence with PLC systems operating on same or neighboring line


  • Continuous monitoring of HVAC or HVDC lines
  • Monitoring of powered, unpowered or grounded lines
  • High precision localization of line faults, even after the fault event
  • Detection of various fault types: ground fault, short circuit
  • Early recognition of potential line deterioration
  • Single-sided measurement up to 500 km
PowerLink CM condition monitoring

Siemens High Voltage Condition Monitoring presented at OVE Energietagung, Linz

Use cases and benefits of PowerLink CM condition monitoring solution were presented to 160 participants at OVE Energietagung in Linz.


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