Engineering software for SICAM A8000

Engineering software for SICAM A8000 - SICAM Device Manager - side view

SICAM Device Manager

Intuitive engineering for SICAM A8000. Engineering today has become an important cost factor, not only in the creation of new plants for power generation, distribution and transmission. The maintenance of existing plants and the maintenance of relevant data stocks also require high expenditure. Configure, parameterize, test, commission, with the SICAM Device Manager you solve these tasks and requirements in an intuitive way and save time and money.

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Engineering software for SICAM A8000 SICAM Device Manager

Features & functions


The current engineering software for the SICAM A8000 series supports project and device management for:

  • CP-8000
  • CP-8021
  • CP-8022

SICAM Device Manager is available in German and English.

There are 3 licenses to choose from:

  • 6MF7800-1FB00:  SICAM Device Manager Basic Intuitive engineering tool for SICAM A8000 Series
  • 6MF7800-1FS00:  SICAM Device Manager Standard Intuitive engineering tool for SICAM A8000 Series incl. CFC
  • 6MF7800-1GS00:  SICAM Device Manager Upgrade Basic to Standard

Supported operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Server R2
  • Microsoft Windows 2016 Server R2

Cyber Security


Suitable for the SICAM A8000 series, the SICAM Device Manager also meets tomorrow's cyber security requirements.

Besides the already known features, such as BDEW White Paper Conformity, SICAM Device Manager exclusively supports digitally signed firmware.

The most efficient way to configure and manage your SICAM A8000 devices


New features of version V2.10

  • IEC 61850 Client Engineering:
    Import SCL file
    Show Access Points
    Display IEC 61850 signals
    Display reports
  • Logic Editor - Offline simulation
  • Logic Editor - new online test functions:
    Separate/connect signals from the process
    Force values for output signals
  • Logic Editor - new signal list functions:
    signal search
    display of signal usage (input/output)
  • Logic Editor - Use of user-specific structures for function module inputs/outputs

Customer benefit

  • Simple parameterization and test tool for devices of the SICAM A8000 series with maximum user-friendliness
  • Clearly structured user interface and logical operating steps optimized for every work situation
  • Simple and clear management of projects and devices in folder structures
  • Duplication of devices and automatic adjustment of specific parameters
  • Compatibility between SICAM WEB and
    SICAM Device Manager
  • Look-and-Feel correspond to SICAM WEB

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