Engineering software for SICAM RTUs

Engineering software for SICAM RTUs - SICAM TOOLBOX II


SICAM TOOLBOX II provides all functions for integrated and standard engineering throughout the entire plant, e.g.: Data collection, data modeling, configuration, and parameterization. Engineering of process information for the automation and central control-room systems. Administration of the systems and individual parameters of third-party manufacturers. SICAM TOOLBOX II is an ideal tool for plants and systems of all sizes.

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Engineering software for SICAM RTUs SICAM TOOLBOX II

Features & functions

SICAM TOOLBOX II – overview of the benefits

Integrated system

  • One tool for all systems
  • Third-party systems
  • Standard engineering throughout
  • Scalable

Object orientation

  • Straightforward, transparent engineering
  • Improved engineering quality
  • Increased engineering efficiency
  • Lower costs for engineering

Standard data storage throughout

  • Central database
  • Less work for data input
  • No duplicated entries
  • Fewer input errors

Engineering of the technical process

  • Simple system testing – online and offline
  • Plain text diagnosis
  • Remote maintenance
  • Simultaneous logging and simulation of messages
  • Local and remote functions

Functions for control center systems

  • Reduction of initial generation time
  • More rational and efficient engineering

Functions for SICAM automation systems

  • Simple system test – online and offline
  • Plain-text fault diagnosis
  • Remote maintenance
  • Logging and simulation of telegrams
  • Local and remote functions

Functions for central-room center systems

  • Engineering of process variables
  • Non-redundant data input (for example, transfer of the SICAM RTU telegram address)
  • Automatic generation of attributes with formulae
  • Automatic generation of the text address
  • Generation of the database
  • Context-sensitive loading of SICAM TOOLBOX II from the system display of the control-room system

Functions for PLC applications

  • Completely graphical user interface
  • Object-oriented
  • Compliance with IEC 61131-3 standard
  • Simple offline/online test

Functions for third-party systems

  • Open interface
  • Import and export of engineering data
  • Simple transfer of existing data
  • All attributes self-definable in the customer project

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