Engineering tools for substation automation

Online engineering of SICAM A8000 - SICAM WEB


Online engineering of SICAM A8000. SICAM WEB is the easiest way of configuring and testing SICAM A8000 devices. The configuration and diagnosis of the remote and automation devices of the SICAM A8000 series can be done with a tablet or PC and a standard browser.

Features & functions

Engineering tools for substation automation



Simply enter the IP address of the SICAM A8000 device into the browser’s address bar and then, in the SICAM WEB login dialog, enter your login data.


Communication with the SICAM A8000 device will then be bidirectional via an Ethernet connection.


Time-consuming download and installation of software is not required anymore!

Authorizations and the available engineering and diagnosis options depend on whether the user is logged in as an administrator or as a guest.


Based on this, device and diagnostics information can be read out or event and alarm messages can be checked.

Administrators additionally have the right to change configuration data or to start test routines.


User interface

SICAM WEB can be operated with a mouse or via touch screen.

Every function area has its own tile and also its own menu entry.


SICAM WEB is optimized for low bandwidths regarding data transfer, no matter how the SICAM A8000 device is connected.


The following connection options are available:

  • Direct Ethernet connection
  • Wi-Fi with a router connected to the device

SICAM WEB has only lean bandwidth requirements.


SICAM WEB can be used to read information from SICAM A8000 devices as well as for the complete configuration. Key parts of configuration are signals, for example messages, commands, measured values or counter values.


The signals are configured in a simple and clear workflow:

  • Each required signal is defined with its name and an IEC 60870-5-101/104 address.
  • Signals are assigned to different targets, for example I/O modules, protocols or the master module.
  • An I/O module is selected as target for signals to the process and from the process.
  • If data transfer with another station is not done via IEC 60870-5-101 or -104, the telegram address must be converted. In this case, the signals to be transferred must be assigned to the used protocol.
  • Internal system functions, like writing data into the alarm or event list, must be directly assigned to the master module as the target for the relevant signals.
  • Multiple assignments of the same signal to several targets are possible. In some cases, the configuration of assignment-specific parameters may be required.
  • As a last step, all settings are stored in the device.

Customer benefits

  • Simple configuration and testing tool for SICAM A8000 devices with maximum user friendliness
  • Clearly structured user interface and logical operating steps, optimized for any work situation
  • Can be used free of charge with an up-to-date web browser, no limitation
  • No time-consuming downloads or installations required
  • Application with tablet or PC via direct Ethernet connection or via Wi-Fi using a router

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