Short-circuit indicator for overhead lines

Short-circuit indicator for overhead lines - SICAM FSI - side view


The guardian for your overhead line networks (3.3 to 66 kV 50/60Hz). Utilizing the full range of benefits of distribution automation in overhead line networks requires reliable locating and signaling of earth faults and short circuits in overhead line networks. With SICAM FSI (Fault Sensor Indicator), Siemens now offers a fault detection device for MV overhead line networks. SICAM FSI is available in 2 versions: 6MD2314-1AB10 - without communication: The faults are signaled directly at the device by LEDs. Depending on the fault state, a specific flashing light is generated. 6MD2314-1AB11 - with communication: In addition to local LED display, earth faults and short circuits are transferred to a gateway (SICAM FCG) via a secured radio connection. SICAM FCG (Fault Collector Gateway) establishes the connection to a higher-level control center via GPRS and sends the messages to the control center using the standardized telecontrol protocol IEC 60870-5-104 or via XMPP.

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Features & functions

Short-circuit indicator for overhead lines SICAM FSI



Fault Detection

  • Trip threshold setting range 75 A to 1500 A
    Inom setting is user configurable from 50 to 500 A enabling closer coordination with the upstream protection system for the network. Trip time is user configurable between 1.5*Inom and 3*Inom (in steps of 0.5 Inom).
  • ∆I trigger setting 5 A to 160 A
    The rate of change of current (∆I) setting is user configurable in steps of 5 A up to 80 A, 120 A, 160 A.
  • Inrush restraint
    Settable time delays for inrush conditions or step changes in load conditions.
  • Presence/absence of voltage detection for fault confirmation


  • The SICAM FSI – 6MD2314-1AB10 - can be parameterized using “FSI Web Configurator” software.
    In addition to the above, the SICAM FSI- 6MD2314-1AB11 - can be parameterized via the SICAM FCG over the wireless Interface.

Message acknowledgement / User configurable:

  • By magnet
  • Automatically at system voltage restoration
  • Automatically over a specified time (user configurable time)
  • Remotely with an acknowledgement signal from the control center

Auxiliary voltage

  • Battery (3.6V) service life approx. 10 years

Temperature range

  • -25 °C to +70 °C


  • Polycarbonate, UV-resistant
  • Protection class: IP65


  • The SICAM FSI is clamped onto the overhead line via the hotstick.


  • Higher availability of overhead line networks - reduced downtime.
  • Quick fault detection – exact fault localization and information to maintenance teams.
  • High degree of sensitivity, the measurement starts @50A – reliable detection of high-impedance faults.
  • Self-sustained sensors reduce the energy consumption of the device – enhancing the service life of the supply battery in the device (battery life: 10 years).
  • Own security key and IPsec encryption for data exchange with SICAM FCG – highest protection against unauthorized access (intruders).
  • Quick and easy device configuration with QR code on SICAM FSI and a web browser rather than DIP switches – high degree of user-friendly configurability.
  • Maintenance free design of the device – with the excep-tion of a battery change after 10 years, the SICAM FSI is absolutely maintenance free.
    The large-size display of the initial commissioning year on the device enables operating personnel to see when the battery is due for changing while remaining on the floor.
  • Various flashing light frequencies depending on fault type – quick and precise fault diagnosis for the maintenance team.