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SIAPP - SICAM Application


SIAPP uses the performance of the SICAM A8000 CPU for up to three own applications and at the same time you have full access to all RTU data without a physical interface. 

SIAPP enables you to develop and parameterize up to three own applications and run them on the ruggedized SICAM A8000 remote terminal unit. 
Michael Schachinger, Product Manager SIAPP 
SICAM Application SIAPP

Features & functions

What is SIAPP?

SIAPP is a 3rd-party application that is installed on the CP-8031 or CP-8050 processor modules independently of the RTU functionality of the SICAM A8000. The creation of an application is done via the SIAPP Software Development Kit (SDK) - based on Docker.

With SIAPP you use the performance of the SICAM A8000 CPU, without needing your own hardware and at the same time you have full access to all RTU data without a physical interface.

By the way you enjoy further advantages:

  • Rugged hardware
  • An extensive RTU functionality
  • Tested communication protocols

Where SIAPP is used?

SICAM A8000 device series is used along the entire energy supply chain for control, remote control and automation. SIAPP now enables additional functionalities to customize the SICAM A8000 specifically for your applications. You can develop your own apps such as for:

  • Transformer controller
  • Optimization of energy storage systems
  • Using the weather forecast to control regenerative
    energy feed-ins
  • Cost optimisation in energy trading

How to use SIAPP?

  • Write the code for your special application
  • Load the code into a software container
  • Load the software container into the CP-8031 or CP-8050 using SICAM Web

Your advantages with SIAPP?

  • Save hardware, reduce spare parts - Combine various services on a single reliable and powerful CPU
  • Reduce maintenance downtime - container deployment enables you to patch services quickly & easily
  • Increase availability - distribute central client services and autonomous executions to
    SICAM A8000 CP-8031 and CP-8050 respectively
  • Customize global product to your local needs - add alongside the product life cycle of SICAM A8000 independently your functions
  • Shorten time-to-market - quickly embed your own applications in an industrial environment

SIAPP is structured like this

All that you need:

  • Hardware SICAM A8000 CP-8031 or CP-8050
  • 1 SIAPP license
  • SIAPP SDK (Software Development Kid) from "Github“ (
  • Program and test with the supplied API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Built SIAPP as a Docker image
  • Load SIAPP into the CP-8031 or CP-8051 via SICAM WEB or via SD card
  • Run 1 SIAPP application on SICAM A8000 CP-8031 CPU
  • Run up to 3 SIAPP applications in parallel on SICAM A8000 CP-8050
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