SICAM application

SIAPP - SICAM Application


Enables you to develop and parameterize up to three custom applications and load them into the SICAM A8000-CP8050 remote terminal unit - one runtime license is sufficient.

Features & functions

SICAM Application SIAPP


The SIAPP (SICAM Application) software enables you to adapt a global product (your own app) to your local needs by adding your own functions and to install and operate it on the hardware of the SICAM A8000-RTU and to develop your own dashboard at the same time. The powerful processor module CP-8050 from the SICAM A8000 system is the basis for using SIAPP. In just three basic steps, SIAPP allows you to take advantage of the power of the CP-8050 processor module in a much more comprehensive way.


  1. Write the code for your specific requirement
  2. Pack this code into a software container
  3. Load this software container into the CP-8050 processor module

To develop and use SIAPPs, you need a standard PC with Windows 10 and a SIAPP runtime license for the CP-8050 module. Additionally, you can use the SIAPP Software Developer Kit, SDK, free of charge from the website and the Docker Desktop from also free of charge.With this kit, you pack a finished SIAPP into a so-called docker container. With the SICAM Device Manager you can set SIAPP parameters and assign signals. Then use SICAM Web to transfer the SIAPP encapsulated in the Docker Container to the processor module CP-8050.By using SIAPP you have all the features of the complete SICAM A8000 system at your disposal: Robust hardware, extensive RTU functionality, tested communication protocols and much more.


  • Web-based HMI APP - Run your own Webserver on CP-8050 fed with RTU data.
  • Analytics APP – Run your own data analytics algorithm and provide data via existing IEC or cloud protocols.
  • Controller APP - Port and run your existing C-code on performant CP-8050 hardware.
  • Server APP – Run your server beside existing RTU functionality within an secure environment – LDAP, Radius, Syslog, FTPs.
  • Customer specific APP - Create and run user-defined communication protocols or datapoint conversions.


For up to 3 apps may be operated on one CP-8050 the following example is recommended:

  • You can evaluate weather data with the first SIAPP,
  • control a wind turbine with the second SIAPP based on this evaluation,
  • optimise the storage of the energy obtained with the third SIAPP.


  • Customize a global product to your local needs with custom features - while developing your own dashboard.
  • Save time by embedding your own applications in an industrial environment faster.
  • Combine various functions in an access-protected manner on a single reliable processor module as if it were your own hardware.
  • Reduce costs by saving hardware, reducing spare parts inventory and maintenance.