Substation automation unit

Substation automation units - SICAM A8000 CP-8050, SICAM A8000 Rack, SICAM AK3

SICAM A8000 CP-8050, SICAM A8000 Rack, SICAM AK3

The SICAM A8000 CP-8050, the latest member of the SICAM A8000 family, is not only extremely compact but also extremely flexible and powerful thanks to its modern system architecture. The system offers a variety of possibilities to automate widely distributed processes. In terms of communication, automation functionality and redundancy, the SICAM A8000 CP-8050 is the most powerful device within the SICAM A8000 product family. Automation, telecontrol and communication tasks can be easily combined and are fully IEC 61850 compliant. Compared to its predecessor SICAM AK 3, it not only convinces with a much more compact mechanical design, but also with security features that are already deeply embedded in the system architecture. A significant simplification of the hardware components with a simultaneous increase in performance has also been achieved, details can be found in the “General" section.

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Substation automation unit SICAM A8000 CP-8050, SICAM A8000 Rack, SICAM AK3

Features & functions

SICAM A8000-CP8050: The processor board for optimized solutions for use in the higher performance range: The powerful dual-core CPU allows different communication protocols to be combined on one and the same interface.  Thus the need for hardware can be reduced significantly. A redundant power supply is just as much a part of the consistent further development as, for example, the redundancy function integrated deeper into the system, in order to significantly reduce engineering costs compared to its predecessor SICAM AK(3).

  • All existing and proven SICAM AK(3) system concepts or functions, starting with redundancy, automatic data flow, hardware-based application layer firewall, up to the support of pack-tight SICAM rack I/O boards and much more are of course still available with SICAM A8000 CP-8050 - as successor of the SICAM AK(3) generation.
  • The processor board SICAM A8000 CP-8050 offers 4 interfaces, which can be expanded with CI modules to a maximum of 34 units.
  • Universal binary or analog input/output modules can be plugged in any order and, with a module width of 30 mm, are suitable for even the smallest space conditions.

All functions can be used efficiently and easily with the new, intuitive engineering tool - the SICAM Device Manager. Furthermore, the system - like all products of the SICAM RTU system family - can also be parameterized with the object-oriented engineering software SICAM TOOLBOX II.


The SICAM A8000 CP-8050 is the first system ever to allow other applications besides the classic RTU functions to be loaded onto the same device. The proven docker container technology is used to protect the applications from each other. This allows the functionality to be expanded flexibly and customer-specifically without having to use additional hardware components. Find out more on our SIAPP page (


SICAM A8000 Rack Solution: The latest platform combines high packing density with a powerful CPU and latest cyber security standards.

  • For new systems with a high signal range at the smallest level.
  • As retrofit solution for further use of the AK / AK3 design without rewiring.

SICAM AK3: The new SICAM A8000 series replaces the proven SICAM AK system and offers the latest features also with regard to cyber security. Further information about SICAM AK3 is available in our partner portal SIOS.

Communication interfaces and protocols

  • 2x RJ45 (Eth), 1x RS232 (RJ45), 1x RS485, 10x RJ45 (Eth) with CI-modules
  • IEC 60870-5-101/-103/-104, Modbus RTU / TCP
  • IEC 61850 Ed1/Ed2 Client & Server incl. GOOSE
  • DNP3 Master/Slave serial, TCP/IP
  • Further protocols on request

Auxiliary voltage

  • DC 24 – 60 V (12 W or 45 W)
  • DC 110 – 220 V (12 W or 45 W)
  • AC 230 V (45 W)
  • Redundancy possible


  • max. 2048 I/Os with up to 16 I/O lines, 8 expansion modules each

Real-time clock

  • +/- 2 ppm, time synchronization via NTP, SNTP

Electromagnetic compatibility

  • IEC 60870-2-1, IEC 61010, IEC 60255-5, IEC 61000-4, EN 55022, CE marking

Temperature range

  • From -25°C to +70°C 

Housing specification

  • Plastic housing for DIN rail mounting
  • Dimensions CP-8050, CI, PS and expansion modules: 30x132x124 mm (W / H / D)

Special features

  • Configuration and diagnostics with SICAM TOOLBOX II alternatively with SICAM Device Manager
  • Data storage via SD memory card (storage of parameters and device firmware)
  • Freely programmable user programs as per IEC 61131-3
  • Future security standard:
    - BDEW white paper conformity
    - integrated crypto chip
    - IPsec encryption
    - https protocol
    - Firmware signature
    - Security logbook
    - Integrated software firewall
    - Role based access control
    - Configurable system functions
    - VLAN according to IEEE 802.1Q
    - Certificate-based network authentication according to IEEE 802.1X

The SICAM A8000 rack solution is basically only possible in conjunction with a CP-8050 and combines the latest platform with a high packing density.


Requirements for connecting a SICAM I/O Rack to a CP-8050:

  • Coupling module CI-2530 and rack slot on the left side following the power supply
  • One "Advanced Processing" license per rack (6MF2750-0EP00)
  • SICAM A8000 CP-8050 Master Module and Rack CM-2846
  • SICAM Device Manager as of V 03.20, alternatively SICAM TOOLBOX II Version as of 06.03
  • Basic (CPCI85) & extension firmware (EPCI85) as of 4.20
  • The following Rack I/O modules are supported and included in the product lifecycle of the SICAM A8000 CP-8050:
    - Hardware: DI-2112/13/14/15 Firmware: BISX86
    - Hardware: DO-2201 Firmware: BISO86
    - Hardware: DO-2210/11 inkl. SM-2506 Firmware: PCCO86/87
    - Hardware: AI-2300 inkl. SM-0570/72 Firmware: PASI85
  • 16 SICAM A8000 Rack I/O modules can be used per SICAM I/O Rack
  • Single or redundant power supply with PS-2630 or PS-2632 can be implemented per SICAM I/O rack
  • Operating temperature range -5°C ... +55°C

As a member of the SICAM A8000 series, the SICAM A8000 CP-8050 can be used universally along the entire energy chain.

The powerful CPU, however, is predestined for the high-end application area.


  • Power generation, transport and distribution
  • Industrial grids
  • Microgrid
  • Traction power supply
  • Automation of tunnels, oil & gas pipelines
  • Retrofit activities for the replacement of SICAM AK and SICAM AK3 racks
  • Use even in harsh environmental conditions due to robust modules
  • With the increased EMC resistance of up to 5 kV (IEC 60255) also suitable for direct use in substations
  • Easy engineering with the SICAM Device Manager or the proven SICAM TOOLBOX II
  • Fulfils the high cyber security requirements through an integrated crypto chip and IPSec encryption
  • Investment secure by using international standards such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101/-103/-104, etc.
  • The modular platform offers a wide range of application possibilities and reduces inventory
  • Adaptation to existing communication infrastructures with the multitude of interfaces
  • Time and cost savings thanks to easy installation and maintenance - plug and play
  • Easy retrofit solutions for the renewal of the SICAM AK and AK3 racks

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