Expert Workshop -  SIPROTEC 7SS85 - the ultimate busbar protection

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Webinar: Expert Workshop Series

SIPROTEC 7SS85 - The ultimate busbar protection

for users, consultants and panelbuilders. Busbar Protection for each application

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Date Recorded:              April 20, 2021

Time:             10:00 CET

Language:     English

Cost:               Free of charge

Learn about the capabilities and features that the SIPROTEC 7SS85 busbar protection platform offers you and your clients.


Join our key experts Rainer Goblirsch and Mathias Schick to learn about the SIPROTEC 7SS85 busbar protection platform and its applications.



  • General Overview and Introduction of the SIPROTEC 7SS85 Busbar Protection platform
  • Successor of SIPROTEC 7SS52 and more
  •  IEC61850 compatible and interoperable solution
  • Cost-efficient enhancements to increase grid resilience
  • System details SIPROTEC 7SS85
  • Questions and Answers


Your Benefits

  • SIPROTEC5 busbar protection for all applications
  • Simple enhancement of  existing SIPROTEC 5 substations with Busbar Protection
  • Ready for retrofit 7SS52 and others


We are looking forward to meeting you in the event!

Speakers and Moderator


Rainer Goblirsch - Speaker

After his apprenticeship as an electronic technician, Rainer Goblirsch studied physics at the FAU in Erlangen.

Since 1992 Rainer Goblirsch is working for the Siemens AG in Nuremberg (Germany), and since 2014 he is responsible for development, marketing, training, and production of Siemens Low Impedance Busbar Protection devices.

Since 2017, he is a member of IEC TC95 MT4 and co-project lead of IEC60255-187-2 (Functional requirements for restrained and unrestrained differential busbar).

Mathias Schick

Mathias Schick - Speaker

After his study of solid-state physics at the Technical University of Chemnitz, Mathias had various responsibilities around the design and reliability of semiconductors and commisioning. He then joined Siemens AG in 1990, he was responsible for testing protection devices, especially the busbar protection 7SS50/51. From 1992 until 2001 he was responsible for the business development and technical support for Northern Germany. Since 2001, he consults users on their busbar protection applications.

Adnane Azmani

Adnane Azmani - Moderator

Adnane Azmani is a Sales Director for the Siemens Energy Automation Products responsible for the Middle East, Asia & Pacific.


After graduating as Master of Electrical & Automation Engineering, he started his journey with Siemens 12 years ago, and advanced his expertise in the fields of energy automation going through different Technical and Sales positions in Germany and other parts of the world. Currently, he is supporting Siemens partners and customers  with innovative solutions to overcome their challenges in grid automation and digitalization.  

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the ulitmate busbar protection 7SS85

The ultimate busbar protection - SIPROTEC 7SS85

The SIPROTEC 7SS85 busbar protection is a selective, safe and fast protection against busbar short circuits in medium, high, and very high voltage systems. The proven, fast and safe algorithms from SIPROTEC 7SS52 in connection with the flexible, scalable, open and user-friendly SIPROTEC 5 platform set the new standard for busbar protection SIPROTEC 7SS85. 

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