Webinar busbar protection training

New Generator Circuit Breaker HB1-C

January 31, 2023      13:00 - 16:30 CET (Berlin)  


Tutorial: Expert Workshop Series

New Generator Circuit Breaker HB1-C

Discover the all-in one bolt-on solution for retrofit projects and more

Get to know the latest of our Generator Circuit Breaker system: HB1-C, a state-of-the-art solution with integrated main disconnector for retrofit and new projects up to 72kA. Learn also what's new about medium voltage generator switchgear standards and discover the challenges and solution to efficiently protect synchronous condenser!


Join our experts Hong Urbanek, Fabian Rademacher and Edouard Desplanche in three introductory sessions on these important updates.

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Date:              31. January 2023

Time:             13:00 - 16:30 CET (Berlin) incl. breaks

Language:     English

Cost:              Free of charge


Part 1: Standards comparison IEC/IEEE62271-37-013 version 2015 vs 2021

Part 2: Generator Circuit Breaker for synchronous condenser application

  • Understanding the differences between conventional generator application and synchronous condenser application
  • Introduction in short-circuit calculation method
  • Highlighting and understanding deciding parameters when performing short-circuit simulation

Part 3: Introducing our new Generator Circuit Breaker HB1-C

  • Get to know the latest development in Siemens GBS market
  • Discover the unrivalled versatility of the new Generator Circuit-Breaker module type HB1-C
  • Learn about the differences between the HB1-C and other existing solutions

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  • Familiarize yourself with the changes of the standard IEC/IEEE62271-37-013
  • Learn about the GCB solution to protect synchronous condenser
  • Discover the unrivalled versatility of our new generator circuit breaker module type HB1-C

We are looking forward to meeting you in our webinar 

Speakers and Moderator

Hong Urbanek

Hong Urbanek -  Speaker

After graduating from Siemens dual study program in Electrical Engineering in 2013, Hong has been working as an Electrical Engineer in the field of Generator application and vacuum technology in the medium voltage. She has been contributing to establishing the vacuum technology in generator applications, expansion of the area of application to higher performance ranges and contributing to Standard Committee and Technical Working groups.

Fabian Rademacher

Fabian Rademacher - Speaker

After graduating 2018 from Technical University Berlin as Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, he has been working as an Application Engineer for Siemens Generator Breaker Switchgears until 2022. Beginning 2020 he was responsible for Research & Development projects and end of 2022 he was appointed as PLM for the newly introduced Siemens Generator Circuit Breaker System “HB1-C”.

Edouard Desplanche

Edouard Desplanche - Speaker

As head of product & portfolio management, Edouard Desplanche is responsible for the market positioning of the Siemens Generator Circuit-Breaker Systems portfolio.

After graduating as Master of Industrial Engineering and Master of sales & commercial management, he started his journey in the fields of Generator Circuit-Breaker 15 years ago, going through different Sales and Business Development positions.

Since 2018, Edouard Desplanche is working for the Siemens AG in Berlin (Germany).

Michaela Mönikes

Michaela Mönikes - Moderator

With her communications expertise and technical know-how, Michaela will guide you through this webinar session.



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