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Expert Workshop - Reyrolle 5

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Webinar: Expert Workshop Series

Reyrolle 5 – New Devices and Firmware

Protection relays for Power Distribution, Industry and Infrastructure applications

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Date Recorded:  25th February 2021

Time:  10:00 - 11:00 (CET)

Language:  English

Cost:  Free of charge

Introduction of Reyrolle 5 Motor protection, 5CT's directional overcurrent relay, firmware and software upgrades. Join our key experts Alexander Erokhin & Andrei Coman for their take on the latest from Siemens.




New 7SR5 devices​
• 7SR5710: Motor protection relays with 4 CTs​
• 7SR5711: Motor protection relays with 4 CTs and 4 VTs
• 7SR5121: Directional o/c protection relays with 5 CTs and 4 VTs


 Reydisp Manager 2 (RM2) - Version V2.20​
• Reydisp Manager 2 - engineering tool for configuring and operating all 7SR5 devices​
• Reydisp Manager V2.20 provides support for new features and functions available in V2.20 of the 7SR5 device templates


Your Benefits
•  Familiarize yourself with new features of Reyrolle 5 platform
•  Learn about V2.20 firmware & software features 


We are looking forward to meeting you in the event!


Alexander Erokhin

Regional Sales Manager/Promoter, Reyrolle

Digital Grid - Hebburn, UK


Andrei Coman

Regional Sales Manager/Promoter, Reyrolle

Digital Grid - Hebburn, UK



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