SIPROTEC 5 Compact 7SX800

Expert Workshop - New SIPROTEC 5 Compact 

February 23, 2021 - 17:00 - 18:00  (CET)
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Webinar: Expert Workshop Series

SIPROTEC 5 Compact - a universal device for your medium voltage applications

For panel builders

Date:             February 23, 2021

Time:            17:00 CET

Language:    English

Cost:              Free of charge

Introduction of the newest capabilities and features that SIPROTEC 5 Compact offers you and your clients


Join our key experts Claus Wagner and Michael Zapp for their take on the latest from Siemens.



  • Overview 

  • Highlights

  • Hardware & Protocols 

  • Functional Highlights

  • Engineering & Operation    
  • Summary
  • Questions and Answers


Your Benefits

  • Protection Trends for Medium Voltage Applications 
  • Advanced Features for your Clients

We are looking forward to meeting you in the event!

Speakers and Moderator


Claus Wagner - Promoter  

After his graduation from the University of Stuttgart as an Electrical Engineer, Claus joined Siemens as a PLM for SIPROTEC overcurrent and motor protection. In his next assignment he was responsible for the sales of protection devices in some European countries. He is now promoter for SIPROTEC 5 devices and technical consultant for transformer and generator protection.


Michael Zapp - Promoter

After his graduation from the University of Saarland as an Electrical engineer with focus on Energy Technology, Michael Zapp joined Siemens in 1993 as technical consultant for protection and substation automation. Working worldwide in technical sales he consulted customers and local colleagues in protection concepts and SAS systems. He is now promotor for SIPROTEC, SICAM, PQ and IoT.


Michaela Mönikes - Moderation

With her technical know-how and communications expertise, Michaela will guide experts and guests through this webinar session.

Speakers and Moderator


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SIPROTEC 5 Compact universal protection releay

SIPROTEC 5 Compact - universal protection relay

SIPROTEC 7SX800 - the universal protection device for all your medium-voltage applications impresses with high performance and an extensive function library. You now only need one device for the various protection types with different configurations already predefined in application templates.



Find more details about SIPROTEC 5 Compact on the product home page

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