Grid interaction with conventional and renewable power generation

The generation landscape has never been more diverse and complex – and has never grown faster. Depending on available resources, customers’ requirements, political goals and regulative frameworks, generation units differ from decentralized, small-scale renewable sources to large-scale fossil-fueled power plants – all aiming to meet the increasing demand for electricity.

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Grid interaction with conventional and renewable power generation

Secure and compliant integration of power generation

Safe and secure system interconnection and grid code compliance are key aspects of every generation unit no matter if large or small-scale capacity, centralized or decentralized location, renewable or conventional energy source. The known long-term planning horizon is increasingly replaced by the insecurity and unpredictability of short-term fluctuations in the energy markets. Siemens Power Technologies International (PTI) supports you with comprehensive studies, simulations, analyses and much more, including the services highlighted below.

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Besides the topics that have been highlighted above, Siemens PTI can provide expert consultancy for many other tasks in the planning of a reliable and safe power generation.


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