Sensformer®: Born connected.

Transformers meet connectivity. Utilize the data your transformers provide to dive into digitalization and optimize your operations and business decisions.
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Sensformer-Platform, May 16, 2018 - Apr 28, 2025

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The baseline of the "Internet of Energy"

Today’s world is connected, and we believe it is about time to also connect transformers digitally. We are paving the way for a completely new product class: the Sensformer®. No matter if you operate a transformer in a power generation plant, an industrial application or in the grid: Your assets will let you know their operational status and give an indication when abnormalities occur. The consequence: more transparency and flexibility at minimized risks and cost.

Sensors, data and future opportunities

Would you like to know more? Let’s take a closer look at the data and future options you get with our connectivity feature.

Sensformer® - your eye to the grid

Transformers already are a vital and decisive part of power grids – no matter if conventional or digital. The Sensformer® will enable you to digitize this important keystone of your grid. Now your transformers are connective!

A Sensformer® contains the necessary sensors for entering the most important operating parameters – such as oil-level, temperature, LV winding current and GPS-positioning. To step into the world of digitalized transformers, you simply add a GSM-card. Data submission can be done via GSM as well as Ethernet-connection without the need of a secondary IT infrastructure.

You don't need a ton of big data to improve operations, but just a slim set of smart data – digitalization means connecting the dots.
Puneet Harminder Singh, Project Manager

Accessible for all, fit for the future

Transformers are located at each critical node within the power grid and are exposed to various forms of electrical and physical stress. Without a comprehensive monitoring device attached, their real status is usually unknown.

But wouldn’t it be neat if the transformers told you how it is getting along? With a Sensformer® you get just that!

The next generation transformer is equipped with a connectivity feature that measures a defined set of data. With a wireless connection and data analysis app, your transformer and grid data become transparent for you. Operating under overload conditions for a certain time? Planning maintenance to prolong transformer lifetime? Simplify your asset management, enhance your operations and increase availability.

Sensformer® advanced

Digitalization happens at a speed that is yet unprecedented in the transmission product industry. While the Sensformer® journey has only started a year ago, it is already evolving by scaling up product features. The new applications as provided by the Sensformer® advanced are based on a digital twin operation, a synchronized thermo-replication of the physical asset.


The digital twin operation simulates the behavior of the physical asset in real time and thus creates a completely new type of experience and value-add applications: An active overload manager allows Sensformer® advanced operators to manage temporary overloads without compromising on lifetime. With a full temperature view, the current heat status can always be checked, a life consumption view gives indications on the residual lifetime of the asset. Furthermore, based on the digital twin, for highly developed applications, additional advanced sensors can be used on the asset, e.g. bushing, partial discharge or DGA sensors.




Sensformer® at a glance

Connect your transformers to be prepared for the Internet of Energy


Experience real-time asset management

Our standard and open cloud solution with a mobile web interface enables Sensformer® operators to gain easy and quick insights to all connected assets, enhancing operational decisions. By including cloud computed information, such as ambient temperature and weather conditions, your asset-management gets to the next level, providing for an optimized asset management and protection and minimizing operational risks – also in regards to resilience.

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