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Direct current compensation on May 9th, 2019

Power grid operators are required to constantly maintain and improve efficiency of their grid and power equipment. At the same time, growing public awareness and urbanization require minimization of noise pollution to the surrounding environment and neighborhood.

While low noise pressure values and low electrical losses are properly tested in a controlled environment before energizing the equipment, the actual situation in the grid may vary, for example due to impacts of direct current (DC).
In our Webinar, you learn about a 4-step approach to cope with DC effects by detecting DC, preparing transformers to be ready for DC measurement and compensation, measuring and compensating DC.

Sensgear® on May 14th, 2019

Digitalization is a chance and an enabler. It empowers industries to tackle their current challenges like performance increase, health, safety & environmental topics, cost and risk reductions. With Sensgear® connectivity for transmission products, transmission grid operators now get real-time insights on their assets’ behavior.


In our online training, you will learn about the sensors used in gas-insulated switchgear products, circuit breakers, surge arresters, instrument transformers and coil products. Find out about the chances to add transparency to and enhance productivity of your operations and how to make use of this advanced intelligence with the Sensgear® app. Also, cyber security and technical information about how the data is transmitted from the hardware to the cloud and the corresponding software.


Main topics of the training are:

  • Introduction to the Sensgear® functionality
  • Benefits for transmission gríd operators
  • Data handling and cyber security

Surge arrester applicatios on June 5th, 2019

Line Surge Arresters reduce outages due to lightning activity and poor grounding. They are generally installed as a retrofit application where conventional mitigation measures do not show significant improvement. However, line designers and engineers do not systematically consider them as an option to optimize their transmission line systems as it is done for substations although they can reduce the workload related to grounding improvement by replacing counterpoises. Meanwhile, this technology is also applied in case of safety concerns preventing population injury and equipment damages, as well as for switching surge control optimizing structures and reducing clearances (EHV), for line uprating and compaction or for live-line working. The use of Externally Gapped Line Arresters (EGLA) can achieve outstanding results by minimizing the investment. While Non-Gapped Line Arresters applications (NGLA) are sometimes causing mechanical issues, the EGLA applications not only significantly boost the performance and the operation of the power systems but also improve the design and lower the costs of construction and maintenance. 


Line upgrading involves increasing the system voltage by keeping the existing structure or compacting the existing structure by keeping the same voltage. In general, for such a modification, several issues must be considered as phase clearances or insulator length. Line Surge Arresters become extremely helpful and economically justified to convert the existing lines or substations to higher voltages without changing the clearances and insulator strings.


In this webinar you’ll learn

  • Benefits for Line Surge Arrester Application
  • Advantages of Externally Gapped Line Arresters
  • Line Updating & Line Compaction

Sensformer® advanced on July 14th, 2019

Digitalization happens at a speed that is yet unprecedented in the transmission product industry. While the Sensformer® journey has only started a year ago, it is already evolving by scaling up product features. The new applications as provided by the Sensformer® advanced are based on a digital twin operation, a synchronized thermo-replication of the physical asset.


The digital twin operation simulates the behavior of the physical asset in real time and thus creates a completely new type of experience and value-add applications: An active overload manager allows Sensformer® advanced operators to manage temporary overloads without compromising on lifetime. With a full temperature view, the current heat status can always be checked, a life consumption view gives indications on the residual lifetime of the asset. Furthermore, based on the digital twin, for highly developed applications, additional advanced sensors can be used on the asset, e.g. bushing, partial discharge or DGA sensors. 

The digital twin applications of a unit are always accessible via an online platform and mobile apps from anywhere and at any time.


Main topics of the training are:

  • Introduction to the Sensformer® advanced functionalities
  • Benefits for transmission grid operators
  • Data handling and cyber security

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