Digitalize your substation equipment further. With Sensgear® transmission products, you can utilize the data your air- and gas-insulated switchgear equipment provides to optimize your operations  and your business decisions.
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Add transparency & enhance productivity

Welcome to the „Internet of Energy“

The connectivity of assets is the first step into digitalization. With Sensformer® we entered this field in 2018. This year, we expand the successful concept to the complete transmission products portfolio. In future, all your substations assets will deliver the data that helps you achieve flexibility and transparency – paving the way for the „Internet of Energy“ Enhance productivity with the health index and health index prediction for the reduction of unplanned downtime of assets. Additionally, Sensgear® comes with F-gas reporting functionality. This means, operators can reduce their costs to comply with regulations. And they obtain a notification even before a critically low alarm level – good for the environment and for the operator as penalties can be avoided.
Hannover Fair
Hannover (Germany), April 1st - April 5th

Hannover Fair

Sensgear® Launch 
Sensgear® will further digitalize your substation as it adds a cloud connectivity feature and real time data accessibility to your transmission products. Learn more in our press info.

Advanced intelligence with Sensgear® equipment

Digitalized transmission products are key lever to manage decentralization and drive decarbonization for a sustainable global society.
Dr. Dirk Helbig, Project Manager

Transmission equipment is always positioned at critical nodes in the grid. It can deliver a lot of information if the sensors used get connected. While monitoring equipment can provide a lot of information already, the focus of Sensgear® means a lot more than sheer asset management, it supports active management of the grid.
Just imagine: Gas-insulated switchgear or circuit breakers, arresters,  and instrument transformers let you know their current status in real time via an online application. If your substation is equipped with a Sensformer® on top, you get to know your grid a lot better. This means you can make better decisions, optimize the management of your grid, which results in more flexibility and more economic operation.
Thanks to Sensgear® and Sensformer® all main electrical functionalities of a substation are now connective. Together with data analytics  they increase efficiency and sustainability of your assets and operations.