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Converting your substations into data hubs

With the success of Sensformer® and Sensgear®, all our transmission products have connectivity features inbuilt by default. With this step, the high-quality substation products of Siemens are now boosted to a new, digitalized level.

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Product Launch: Born connected 3.0

From products to system intelligence. Join our new launch via livestream on July 23, 2020 | 1:00 pm CEST.

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Born connected 3.0: From “connected” products to systems

Digitalization is a chance and an enabler. It empowers industries to tackle their current challenges, for example, implementing improvements in performance, health, safety and environmental topics, as well as cost and risk reductions. However, in order to benefit from digitalization, it is necessary to generate data first. While these opportunities seem to already be common sense in many industries, the transmission and distribution industry was not able to benefit from this industrial revolution for a long time.

Sensformer® and Sensformer® advanced

Transformers already are a vital and decisive part of power grids – no matter if conventional or digital. The Sensformer® will enable you to digitize this important keystone of your grid. Now your transformers are connective!

A Sensformer® contains the necessary sensors for entering the most important operating parameters – such as oil-level, temperature, LV winding current and GPS-positioning. To step into the world of digitalized transformers, you simply add a GSM-card. Data submission can be done via GSM as well as Ethernet-connection without the need of a secondary IT infrastructure.


The digital twin operation simulates the behavior of the physical asset in real time and thus creates a completely new type of experience and value-add applications: An active overload manager allows Sensformer® advanced operators to manage temporary overloads without compromising on lifetime. With a full temperature view, the current heat status can always be checked, a life consumption view gives indications on the residual lifetime of the asset. Furthermore, based on the digital twin, for highly developed applications, additional advanced sensors can be used on the asset, e.g. bushing, partial discharge or DGA sensors.

Sensgear®  and Sensgear®  advanced

In 2019, Siemens extended the revolutionary connectivity concept of Sensformer® to the entire transmission switchgear product portfolio, called Sensgear®. Sensgear® equipment provides

GPS and local weather information, as well as the operationally most important measurement signals: gas density, temperature, circuit-breaker counter, position & readiness.


Now, Sensgear® functionalities are enhanced: Sensgear® advanced offers more than monitoring. It now upgrades this functionalities to enhance productivity using a digital twin. Moreover, the upgrade offers the chance to benefit from advanced intelligence by using artificial intelligence.

New benefits for transmission system operators are:

Operation: Increase power transmission by optimizing asset utilization; minimize operational risks.

Service: Improve service effectiveness, health and safety through predictive maintenance; less hours on equipment.

Asset Management: Improve asset transparency, productivity and management; optimize asset power transmission performance and asset lifecycle costs.

Merging classical physics and information technology

By merging classical physics and information technology we are bringing a fundamental shift in the industry. With smart sensors, cloud computing and IoT the limitations of the past are now making way for intelligent products and systems. Future is about scaling up product intelligence by challenging physical frontiers of theoretical knowledge with operational data and cloud as default platform to offer complex asset models including analysis and recommendations on demand and in real time. The goal is to shape the transmission grids of tomorrow using smart products and smarter systems!

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Experience real-time asset management

Our standard and open cloud solution with a mobile web interface enables Sensformer®  and Sensgear® operators to gain easy and quick insights to all connected assets and enhancing operational decisions. By including cloud computed information, such as ambient temperature and weather conditions, your asset-management gets to the next level, providing for an optimized asset management and protection and minimizing operational risks – also in regards to resilience.

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