DELTA miro (i-system)

Something very special

DELTA miro is available in four different materials. If you value a consistent design throughout your house, you can't go wrong with the DELTA miro program.

Components of the DELTA miro product range

  • Single to quintuple frames
  • Components from the i-system product range: operator interfaces, SCHUKO-outlets ...
  • Set of seals for rockers and sockets for the IP44 degree of protection
  • Comprehensive functions from the i-system for e.g. communication, room temperature control, motion detection

Focus on design. Pure beauty.

Attractive design, attractive price - no longer a contradiction with DELTA miro color. If you are keen to furnish your entire house with a single switch line, a solution based on DELTA miro color represents an exciting alternative. Alone or in combination with DELTA miro glass, wood or aluminum.

For all those who love design. Something very special.

Pure and simple design - that's the DELTA miro glass switch range. Noble materials, clear-cut lines and an incomparably slim form are the key features of these switches. With the glass frame providing a unique showcase for the operator interface. DELTA miro glass stands out because of its elegant appearance. But that's not all - it also offers a host of functions. 

Graceful lines. Sleek design.

Sleek design in perfect harmony with your unique and elegant lifestyle. At the office or at home, the graceful lines of this design range add to a stylish ambience. Aluminum - a reusable material - clear, pure, long-lasting. From the engineering all the way to its function and design: DELTA miro aluminum is characterized by its special surface appearance and its full-range of i-system functions.

Stylish accents. Natural appeal.

Design follows function. The choice of materials available for DELTA miro now matches the functional diversity of the i-system components. Five solid wood frames create rich opportunities in switch design. Regardless of whether the aim is to embellish your walls with a series of elegant details or to bring your light switches into line with the warm wood shades of your furniture, the sky's the limit. 

i-System - stay flexible

Anyone who chooses the versatile modularproduct range on the basis of the i-system opts for a great deal of flexibility and functionality. And they are choosing one of two DELTA switch and socket product ranges with great design. The advantage is that the functions can be fitted in any of the various frames. To change to a different DELTA range on the basis of the i-system, all you need to do is replace the frame. Upgrading or conversion at a later date is possible at any time. And it is backwards compatible as far back as 1973.