Energy savings begin with SENTRON measuring devices

SENTRON measuring devices at a glance

You can only improve what you can measure. That’s why the first step toward energy savings is data acquisition. SENTRON measuring devices record consumption extremely reliably and help to identify energy wastage. The extensive portfolio includes devices for every need, from DIN rails to front panels and Modbus to PROFINET. Measuring is our passion and energy savings are our mission.

SENTRON measuring devices ...

Selecting the right device begins with a comprehensive portfolio

Whether it’s energy meters, multifunction devices, or meters to measure network quality, our SENTRON portfolio has the right solution for each expansion stage of your plant. The communication capable SENTRON measuring devices also go hand in hand with SENTRON software solutions to ensure efficient power monitoring. You already know which measuring device group you’re most interested in? Just click to go there directly.
SENTRON measuring device Quick Selection Guide

Quickly find the right measuring device

Compact, clearly presented, and solution-oriented – in the Quick Selection Guide, you’ll find all the measuring devices at a glance as well as additional information on suitable software solutions.

Transparent power consumption begins with SENTRON energy meters


SENTRON energy meters are easy to operate and are the ideal way to start monitoring all relevant values in your AC system. They allow you to record consumption data with accurate time and cost details. Additional MID-compliant versions form a cost-efficient solution for recharging power consumption costs. An illuminated LC display lets you check the measured values directly on the device. For further processing and evaluation, they are transmitted via a range of communication interfaces to higher-level systems, such as our Siemens power monitoring systems.

SENTRON 7KT PAC1600 measuring devices – making a start in energy recording

Monitoring consumer loads makes it possible to prevent peak loads in a timely manner and thus reduce costs. The SENTRON 7KT PAC1600 measuring devices offer high transparency in a compact design.

Like all the SENTRON measuring devices in the 7KT PAC series, they're designed especially to facilitate redistribution. They recognize power consumption, and the readings can be checked directly on the devices.

SENTRON 7KM PAC1020 measuring device – your low-cost entry into power measurement

Whether for residential buildings, hospitals, railway stations, office buildings, shopping centers, or high-rises: We offer you a low-cost entry into power measurement with the SENTRON 7KM PAC1020 measuring device. The unit offers you a stand-alone solution but is still completely integrated in the SENTRON system environment and is fully compatible with the SENTRON 7KM PAC3220 measuring device. 

It impressively offers fast, simple mounting, a modern design with an LED display, and can be freely configured. The unit gives you reliable, precise data for all aspects of electrical power and thus complete transparency. This measuring device has a RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol for direct daisy chain network topology as well as two additional expansion modules.

SENTRON 7KM PAC2200 measuring devices – the power meters for rail-mounted systems

Thanks to their compact design (6HP), SENTRON 7KM PAC2200 measuring devices are ideal for rail mounting and they're approved for use worldwide. Using Modbus TCP or RTU, or MBus communication, they can be connected to power monitoring systems and also to PROFINET networks via the SENTRON PROFINET Proxy SPP2000. The SENTRON 7KM PAC2200 measuring devices need no additional power supply, since they draw their own power from the metering voltage. MID versions are also available, which are ideal for situations where power consumption has to be on-charged.

SENTRON 7KM PAC2200 CLP measuring device – power meter compliant with measurement and calibration regulations

The MID-compliant and PTB-A 50.7 nationally approved meter offers a non-reactive Ethernet interface for easy integration into existing IT infrastructures with integrated web server, DHCP, and Modbus TCP. It can be connected to PROFINET networks via the SENTRON PROFINET Proxy SPP2000.

By taking measurements and recording active energy (in kWh) at strict quarter-hourly intervals, it ensures synchronization between power generated in-house and power consumed. The SENTRON 7KM PAC2200 CLP measuring device generates the active energy intervals in conformance with calibration legislation and stores the records for two years.

SENTRON 7KM PAC3200T measuring device – precise power measurement for rail-mounted systems

To assess system condition and network quality, the SENTRON 7KM PAC3200T measuring device records and displays more than 50 values for power consumption and distribution. Readings are displayed on power monitoring systems via an integrated web interface or the Modbus TCP connection, or on PROFINET networks via the SENTRON PROFINET Proxy SPP2000.

The SENTRON 7KM PAC3200T measuring device for rail-mounted systems is ideal for accurate monitoring of power values for infeed, electric tap-off units and individual loads.

SENTRON PROFINET Proxy SPP2000 – PROFINET access for Modbus TCP devices

With the SENTRON PROFINET Proxy SPP2000 you can now integrate the SENTRON 7KM PAC2200 measuring devicesSENTRON 7KM PAC2200 CLP measuring device, and SENTRON 7KM PAC3200T measuring device Modbus TCP devices in industrial PROFINET networks and thus in power-saving applications using PROFIenergy. Up to eight measuring devices can be integrated for each PROFINET Proxy. Configuration is done conveniently using TIA portal, with no need for additional software.

As a PROFINET feature set, PROFINET Proxy supports Conformance Class C (IRT) for isochronous communication and system and media redundancy. The very compact SENTRON PROFINET Proxy SPP2000 snaps easily and quickly onto a DIN rail (1 MW).

Comprehensive consumption recording begins with SENTRON multifunction measuring devices

The multifunction measuring devices in the SENTRON portfolio are genuine all-rounders in measured value acquisition. They precisely, reproducibly, and reliably measure the energy values for infeeds, outgoing feeders, or individual loads, and let you accurately record power consumption in TN, TT, and IT networks. They are used wherever electric power is distributed, in other words, in switchgear and control panels, infeeds, and outgoing feeders.

The all-rounder for monitoring power distribution and system states in industry and infrastructure

SENTRON multifunction measuring devices not only provide comprehensive information on electrical power distribution but also supply key measured values for assessing the system states and power quality. For further processing of the measured data the devices come with manifold communication options for smoother integration in higher-level automation and power management systems. Their range of applications extends from industrial applications in the process and manufacturing industry to office buildings, shopping centers, and critical infrastructure in hospitals and data centers. Their functionality is also assured in wet and dusty environments.

SENTRON 7KM PAC3120 measuring device – A generalist for infrastructure

Whether it’s for data centers, hospitals, or railway stations, with the IEC/UL-certified SENTRON 7KM PAC3120 multifunction measuring device you get a genuine generalist for digital measuring in the infrastructure market. It’s suitable for a 24V AC supply voltage and comes with additional features.

The device offers a raft of measuring functions to record energy and power values and THD, and will impress with its high level of accuracy for measurement of minimum and maximum values. Its new design, the color LED in its status display, and its serial communication capability also make it a winner.

SENTRON 7KM PAC3220 measuring device – Made for industrial use

Proven in industrial use: The SENTRON 7KM PAC3220 multifunction measuring device is specially designed to record power measurements accurately, and is particularly suited to the process and manufacturing industry, in addition to sophisticated commercial operations. Equipped with additional features, it offers multiple measuring functions with high accuracy for energy and power values, THD, and minimum and maximum values.

Special features include the integrated web interface, two Ethernet ports, and module expansions. The new design of the SENTRON 7KM PAC3220 multifunction measuring device includes a color LED for the status display and has IEC/UL certification.

Plant protection begins with SENTRON meters for measuring network quality

Whether the cause is the growing number of distributed power generators or individual consumers causing harmonics – voltage fluctuations in the grid are increasing. So, it’s a good thing that the measurement specialists in the SENTRON portfolio not only offer you transparency in power distribution but also ensure network quality. This means that sources of interference can be detected, and countermeasures undertaken to protect plants from hardware failures and system crashes.

The specialists in measured value acquisition

SENTRON 7KM PAC measuring devices are easy to install, and accurately and comprehensively measure the energy values for infeeds, outgoing feeders, and consumption by individual components. They create transparency in low-voltage power distribution, supply important readings to assess plant condition and power quality, and also form the basis for a fail-safe power supply. The devices can also be integrated into higher-level automation and power management systems via a range of communication options.

SENTRON 7KM PAC4200 measuring device – The professional for communication and monitoring

The SENTRON 7KM PAC4200 measuring device can record about 200 measured values, including basic data to evaluate network quality. It also offers convenient additional functions such as user-defined displays, an internal memory, integrated clock and calendar function, and a gateway function. That makes it very easy to connect devices with a serial RS485 interface in the Ethernet network. Recording more than 4,000 user-defined operational, operating, and system events makes it easy to analyze errors and avoid them in the future.

SENTRON 7KM PAC5200 measuring device – The expert in network quality

Do you rely on standards-compliant data recording and report generation? The SENTRON 7KM PAC5200 measuring device is the ideal tool for you, since it records and analyzes measured values in accordance with power quality standard EN 50160.

In addition to the functions of the SENTRON 7KM PAC5100 measuring device, it offers further features such as the flexible integrated recorder to ensure network quality. It also has a 2GB internal memory for recorder functions.

Cost efficiency begins with SENTRON multichannel current measuring systems

The multichannel current measuring systems in the SENTRON portfolio are a cost-efficient solution for transparent display of power consumption levels. They allow you to precisely determine the power required in each installation branch.

The cost-efficient solution for the final circuit and main power distribution

With SEM3 multichannel current measuring systems, energy data such as voltage, currents, and power can be visualized in a web interface or in the SENTRON powermanager power monitoring software. This makes it possible to compare individual loads directly and to identify current peaks. The portfolio includes the SENTRON 7KT PAC1200 measuring devices for the final circuit and the SEM3 multichannel current measuring system for the main power distribution.

SENTRON 7KT PAC1200 measuring devices – The flexible units for multichannel monitoring in the final circuit

The SENTRON 7KT PAC1200 measuring devices are a cost-efficient solution for power monitoring. They're easy to assemble and can be retrofitted at any time. With their flexible sensor bar and current sensors, the devices can record up to 96 electrical circuits in a single system. Readings and consumption values can be accessed anytime and anywhere, and power guzzlers can be tracked down – thanks to the high level of transparency provided by comparing multiple consumers and displaying power consumption and costs simultaneously.

The SENTRON 7KT PAC1200 measuring devices enable easy, transparent, and cost-effective power monitoring, and ensure the best-quality power monitoring as a part of the SENTRON protective device series.

SEM3 multichannel current measuring system – The efficient player for multichannel current measurement in the main distribution board

SEM3 stands for Siemens Embedded Micro Metering Module. It’s a scalable multichannel current measuring system for the main distribution board, and is a complete system of current transformers, measuring modules, and a central controller, which can record up to 45 measuring points.

By measuring individual feeders it’s possible to compare consumers directly. High power costs can be prevented because the system recognizes current spikes. Measured values can be easily displayed in the web server or power manager. And two gigabytes of internal storage give you more than one year’s worth of long-term data recording.

SENTRON digital

Energy savings begin with SENTRON measuring devices … and are continued with SENTRON digital!

Get more out of your measured data with SENTRON digital. This digital ecosystem combines measuring devices and powerful software for power and condition monitoring. Whether the goal is a simple introduction to power monitoring, comprehensive power management, early detection of critical system states for preventive maintenance, SENTRON digital makes it possible – energy-efficiently, sustainably, reliably.

Downloads and Support: Expertise begins with information

Here you will find important information, documents, and addresses relating to low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology.

Integrating electrification into automation begins with SENTRON measuring devices in the TIA Portal

How can you merge electrical power distribution and automation solutions to fulfil the complex requirements of automated production processes? The answer: by integrating SENTRON 7KM PAC measuring devices into the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal. This ensures that all data for the measuring devices are available in the engineering framework and enables a central and intuitive parameterization and commissioning of all components via the TIA Portal. What’s more, energy diagnostic data can also be collected by the TIA Portal. That allows users to optimally synchronize the electrical power distribution with automated operating, machine, and process sequences.

References: Energy optimization in daily practice begins with SENTRON measuring devices

Successful operation with the best of references. Learn more about our TÜV-certified power monitoring system with SENTRON measuring devices and its use in daily practice.

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