SENTRON measuring devices: Your basis for power monitoring

Transparent power consumption improves energy efficiency

SENTRON measuring devices and communication-capable switching and protection devices form the basis for digitalization in low-voltage power distribution. Smart software then analyzes what these devices record. Together, they pave the way for systematic power monitoring, and thus for regular energy audits and an operational power management system in accordance with ISO 50001 and ISO 50003. That means you always have your power consumption in view. In addition to saving costs by optimizing consumption, you can also enjoy a more fail-safe system by monitoring your power grids and network quality in infrastructure and industrial facilities.

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Learn all you need to know about the SENTRON measuring, protection, and switching devices right here:

Step-by-step guide to greater energy efficiency

Your entry into professional power monitoring

With a power monitoring system, you make energy consumption visible and can assign it to individual consumers – an important lever for optimizing energy costs. The system is based on the communication-capable devices in the SENTRON portfolio. These devices record energy values such as current and voltage and communicate them to a higher-level energy monitoring system for data analysis and evaluation. The 7KN Powercenter 3000 serves as an ideal introduction to digitalization and achieving full transparency over your energy data. The 7KT/7KM PAC measuring devices form the basis for all types of energy management. The communication-capable measuring devices measure and monitor electrical and thermal KPIs as well as energy consumption and are supplemented by the 3VA molded case circuit breakers and 3WA air circuit breakers.

The advantages of our power monitoring system

Standards-compliant and audit-proof

The TÜV-certified energy monitoring system is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises in industry and infrastructure. It’s the basis for regular energy audits and energy management according to the ISO 50001 and ISO 50003 standards. These standards govern the introduction and implementation of operational energy management with compulsory verification of continual improvement of energy efficiency – which is the prerequisite for achieving audit compliance.

SENTRON digital
Added value through digitalization

From an energy monitoring system to an energy management system

Using SENTRON measuring devices as a basis, you can expand your energy monitoring system into a comprehensive energy management system with SENTRON digital. Discover SENTRON powermanager, for example: it provides an overview of all relevant low-voltage energy data from your different locations, ISO 50001-compliant energy reports, alarming, and notifications, as well as continuous monitoring for detecting critical system states early on. 

Learn more about our solutions for digitalization in power distribution

Digitalization with SENTRON digital


Full range of products and services for power monitoring

The software solutions from SENTRON go hand in hand with the communication-capable SENTRON measuring devices to ensure efficient power monitoring. Energy meters, multifunction measuring devices, meters to measure network quality, or circuit breakers and communication-capable circuit protection devices – our SENTRON portfolio has the right solution for each extension phase of your power monitoring system.

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Quick Selection Guide
Quick Selection Guide

All measuring devices at a glance

Compact, clearly presented, solution-oriented – the Quick Selection Guide for power monitoring and power management provides an overview of all measuring devices and additional information about the appropriate software solutions.

Quick Selection Guide

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Energy meters

Step by step to improved energy efficiency

SENTRON energy meters are easy to operate and are the ideal way to start monitoring all relevant values in your AC system. You’ll be able to record your power consumption with accurate time and cost details. MID-compliant versions of the meter are also available, forming an effective and cost-efficient solution for recharging power consumption costs. An illuminated LC display lets you check the measured values directly on the device. For further processing and evaluation, they are then transmitted via a range of communication interfaces to higher-level power monitoring systems such as those from Siemens.
Multi-function measuring devices

Broad range of uses in industry and infrastructure

The multifunction measuring devices in the SENTRON portfolio are genuine specialists in measured value acquisition. They precisely, reproducibly, and reliably measure the energy values for infeeds, outgoing feeders, or individual loads, and let you accurately record power consumption in TN, TT, and IT networks. They are used wherever electric power is distributed, in other words, in switchgear and control panels, infeeds, and outgoing feeders. They not only provide important information about the electrical power distribution but also key measured values for assessing the system states and power quality. For further processing of the measured data the devices come with manifold communication options for smoother integration in higher-level automation and power management systems. Their range of applications extends from industrial applications in the process and manufacturing industry to office buildings, shopping centers, and critical infrastructure in hospitals and data centers. Their functionality is also assured in wet and dusty environments.

Measuring power quality

Meters to measure power quality

Specialists in measured value acquisition

SENTRON 7KM PAC measuring devices are easy to install, and accurately and comprehensively measure the energy values for infeeds, outgoing feeders, and consumption by individual components. They create transparency in low-voltage power distribution, supply important readings to assess plant condition and power quality, and also form the basis for a fail-safe power supply. The devices can also be integrated into higher-level automation and power management systems via a range of communication options.

Multichannel current measuring systems

Display power consumption transparently

Multichannel current measuring systems are a cost-efficient solution for transparent display of power consumption levels. They allow you to precisely determine the power required in each installation branch. Energy data such as voltage, currents, and power can be visualized in a web interface or in the powermanager power monitoring software. This makes it possible to compare individual loads directly and to identify current peaks. The portfolio includes the 7KT PAC1200 multichannel current measuring system for the final circuit and the SENTROIN SEM3 multichannel current measuring system for the main power distribution.

Communication-capable circuit breakers and circuit protection devices

Protection and monitoring of electrical circuits

Highly robust specialists for protection and safety from the feed to the final circuit

Our portfolio of flexible and communication-capable circuit breakers and circuit protection devices enables you to optimally monitor the entire process of electrical power distribution and protect against excessive currents.

The highly variable circuit breakers in the SENTRON portfolio protect power distribution and ensure the reliable all-round protection of people and plants. You can also record and communicate energy data as well as data related to power quality and circuit breaker statuses.

The communication- and measurement-capable circuit protection devices take digitalization all the way to the final circuit. The recording of electrical variables and circuit breaker statuses makes it possible to quickly detect consumers using excessive power, irregularities, and faults in the final circuit and promptly correct the problems. The 7KN Powercenter 1000 data transceiver collects the recorded data and transfers it to mobile devices, PCs, and cloud solutions for visualization and analysis.


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