3WA air circuit breakers

Two men talking in front of a control panel; a 3WA air circuit breaker in the background with a stylized digital impression symbolizes digitalization

Made for makers. Simply reliable.

Ever stricter standards and increasingly automated infrastructure and systems require fail-safe power distribution. Discover the new 3WA air circuit breakers – they let makers simply achieve what they want to achieve.

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Graphical configurator 3WA air circuit breaker

Simplify your planning with the graphical configurator for the 3WA air circuit breaker.

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Access to the new graphical configurator for the 3WA air circuit breaker in the Siemens Industry Mall

Graphical configurator

The new 3WA air circuit breakers

Makers watch out: #3wacircuitbreaker

Whether you are quality-conscious, demanding efficiency, forward-looking, or system-oriented – the 3WA air circuit breaker is set to be the new central component of your switchgear panel. Convince yourself how it simply and reliably supports you in all situations.
For accustomed quality

Trust the tried-and-tested

Equipped with the rock-solid 3WA air circuit breaker, you can deliver the reliable protection that is generally expected in power distribution.

The basis for quality

With the 3WA air circuit breaker and the SENTRON portfolio, we provide a comprehensive product offering that meets all requirements and is flexible enough for any application. Extensive and modular accessories enable simple function expansions. The long service life and low maintenance requirements of all components offer you long-term reliability.

  • Consistent, end-to-end portfolio since 2001 thanks to the 3WL and 3WA air circuit breakers having the same dimensions and connection points 
  • Consistent, end-to-end circuit breaker portfolio up to 1,150 V AC 
  • Three sizes with rated currents of 630 A to 6,300 A for AC applications 
  • One frame size up to 4,000 A for DC applications 
  • High breaking capacity ICU of 55 kA to 150 kA at 500 V AC 
  • Simple extension of functions, thanks to uniform accessories for all frame sizes 
  • A single electronic trip unit that meets all requirements
  • Accessories can also be retrofitted on site at any time 
  • ETU functions extendable by means of on-site upgrades 
  • COM190 PROFINET-IO/Modbus TCP module for connection to higher-level management systems; designed as a combination module to use multiple protocols simultaneously (Modbus TCP and PROFINET) 
  • Switched Ethernet functionality for optimized architecture, engineering, and redundancy while maintaining highest performance
  • You can carry out a simple annual inspection by yourself 
  • Replacement of wear parts can be performed as needed by the customer alone (no Siemens personnel required ) 
  • Under particular environmental conditions, inspections are required only once every four years 
  • Automatic self-monitoring of functioning of the 3WA air circuit breaker 
  • Cybersecurity functions for secure communication
For highest demands

Benefit from efficiency

Equipped with the sophisticated 3WA air circuit breaker, you can efficiently meet the highest demands.

The basis for efficiency

The 3WA air circuit breaker offers enhanced protective functions and high selectivity for maximum system availability. Its robust mechanics and unbeatable product quality have proven themselves even in demanding heavy-duty applications. Using 3WA air circuit breakers in the switchgear paves the way for an efficient retrofit of the 3WL air circuit breaker.

  • Perfectly coordinated selectivity values and protective functions for air circuit breakers and downstream protective devices like molded case circuit breakers assure total selectivity in cases of both overload and short circuit (the system component directly affected is safely shut down) 
  • Enhanced protective function: better protection of equipment (e.g. transformer) thanks to the detection of short-circuits when the direction of energy flow changes 
  • Dangerous discharge currents are recognized thanks to optimized ground-fault protection functions
  • Further development of the proven, extremely robust design of the previous model, the 3WL air circuit breaker 
  • New special versions (high short-circuit breaking capacity at high voltages): up to 125 kA at 1,000 V 
  • Maximum load capacity of circuit breaker thanks to long-lasting short-circuit breaking capacity at ICW (3 s) 
  • Accessories designed for the maximum service life of the air circuit breaker 
  • The 3WA air circuit breaker is developed and manufactured in accordance with a certified quality management system complying with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 
  • User-friendly operation of electronic trip unit via rotary switch, display, or remote parameterization
  • Easy integration of the 3WA air circuit breaker in switchgear with no need for additional testing if the 3WL air circuit breaker is already integrated in the switchgear design 
  • Easy to replace in existing switchgear: the 3WL air circuit breaker can be replaced by the 3WA with no need for additional testing as per IEC 61439 if the new circuit breaker is operated under the same technical conditions as the previous version 
  • Type testing as per IEC 61439 required only if new technical opportunities offered by the 3WA version are used (e.g. higher breaking capacities) 
  • Possibility of installing the 3WA air circuit breaker in an existing 3WL guide frame
For future-oriented tasks

Create solutions with potential

Equipped with the pioneering air circuit breaker 3WA, you can easily implement digitalization and automation.

The basis for the potential

The 3WA air circuit breaker offers selectable and upgradeable functions, thus ensuring long-term flexibility. Powerful communication options guarantee secure data transmission. Its energy data acquisition provides maximum transparency in system operation, and simple selection, planning, and ordering enable efficient workflows.

  • Intelligent dual-processor solution provides future-proofing and high levels of flexibility, together with strong security: Unmodifiable protection processor for basic protective functions and upgradable application processor for metering functions and expanded protective functions 
  • Easy to install functions and upgrades using the SENTRON powerconfig configuration software 
  • Optimal transparency for energy efficiency according to IEC 60364-8-1 thanks to a predefined metering function level (PMF level) 
  • Adaptation to new standards and modified standards possible at any time via upgrades
  • PROFINET-IO, for example for very demanding industrial communications, and Modbus TCP, e.g. for power monitoring 
  • PROFINET-IO redundancy and compliance with the highest PROFINET-IO standards (real-time capability) 
  • Standard interfaces like USB-C and Bluetooth available in every air circuit breaker 
  • Possibility of using two communication modules simultaneously
  • Simple integration in energy management systems according to ISO 50001 with selection of metering functions based on the energy efficiency guidelines of IEC 60364-8-1 
  • ETU600 electronic trip unit with advanced monitoring and reporting concept 
  • 3WA air circuit breaker monitored remotely via the SENTRON powerconfig mobile app
  • Communication via Bluetooth: for data access only, no changes can be made to the 3WA air circuit breaker 
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, such as
    – lockable communication module
    – lockable USB-C interface 
  • Communication via USB: setting parameters, testing, and switching using the SENTRON powerconfig configuration software
  • Reduced complexity, bundling of functions, and rapid selection of device configuration 
  • Visual and interactive online configurator with interface to comprehensive CAx data support 
  • Direct conversion of 3WL air circuit breaker article numbers to 3WA air circuit breaker article numbers available 
  • Quick and easy switchgear documentation, thanks to switch-specific EPLAN macros 
  • After configuration, the 3WA air circuit breaker and guide frame can be ordered separately
For consistent solutions

Enjoy seamless consistency

Equipped with the 3WA air circuit breaker and other SENTRON protection, switching, and measuring equipment, you will create new synergies for your switchgear panels.

The basis for consistency

Seamless communication between all low-voltage components enables the use of uniform tools and data consistency.

A comprehensive tool landscape and the provision of all necessary engineering data ensure optimum convenience in planning and configuration.

  • Uniform communication landscape for all low-voltage components 
  • SENTRON powerconfig configuration software for all low-voltage components 
  • Data transparency achieved through monitoring and analysis of all low-voltage components using the power monitoring software SENTRON powermanager allows improvements to be made 
  • Remote status check of all low-voltage components via the SENTRON powerconfig mobile app 
  • Easy planning of all low-voltage components using SIMARIS software tools
  • Data-based engineering: save effort with extensive CAx data and by creating a digital twin 
  • Easy, fast planning with SIMARIS software tools, e.g. to verify selectivity and for easy calculation of short-circuits across the entire power distribution system 
  • Generating individual EPLAN macros to integrate data (2D, 3D) easily and quickly and configure the circuit diagram 
  • SIOS portal: access documents with all productrelevant information – globally available 24/7
  • Planning made easy with the graphic configurator
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White Paper on the 3WA air circuit breaker

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