SENTRON arc fault detection device

Around a third of all electrical fires are caused by dangerous arcing faults. These can arise even with the smallest defects and thus lead to fire. This gap in protection is closed with the AFDD (arc fault detection device). It detects all types of arcing faults and thus completes the SENTRON portfolio for an all-round protected electrical installation.

Pioneer with the new SENTRON 5SV6 AFDD

With the innovative 5SV6 AFDD, Siemens is the first manufacturer in the IEC market to present the third generation of fire-prevention products. The 5SV6 AFDD is the first device with integrated miniature circuit breaker in just one modular width (instead of the previous 2 MW). Additionally, it is the smallest of its kind worldwide.


Due to its narrow design, the 5SV6 AFDD allows for a particularly space-saving installation. For new electrical installations, this saves fifty percent space compared to the installation of two separate devices. 

The world’s smallest AFDD

The new arc fault detection device is super compact making it suitable for both installing in new buildings and retrofitting into existing. At any time, a standard-compliant expansion of the electrical installation to protect against electric fires is possible – easily and without the need for additional space.


Your benefits:

  • First arc fault detection device in the IEC market (2012)
  • First AFDD with integrated MCB in just one modular width 
  • 50% space savings during installation 
  • Siemens-patented SIARC detection technology
  • Consistent product portfolio with a high level of variance (300 possible combinations)

Closing the protection gap with SENTRON AFDDs

About one-third of all fires caused by electricity are attributed to hazardous arcing faults. Particular mention is to be made to serial arcing faults. Residual current protective devices (RCDs) and miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) are not designed to detect and safely disconnect serial arcing faults and do not offer adequate protection in such cases: for example damaged wire insulations, crushed or broken cables, bent connectors, loose contacts, or even defective electrical devices. The resulting electrical arcing faults can cause cable insulation to ignite, leading to a cable or even building fire.


Siemens closed this safety gap in the IEC market with its AFDDs. As a supplement to MCBs and RCDs, these protection devices address all types of arcing faults including serial ones. The AFDDs complete the comprehensive SENTRON portfolio by providing a comprehensive all-round protection of electrical installations. They enable the early prevention of various fire hazards, from the electrical line right through to the end device, protecting human lives, buildings, and assets.

Siemens patented SIARC detection technology

The arc fault detection devices are based on the Siemens patented SIARC detection technology.

  • This detection methodology – developed by Siemens for detecting parallel and serial arcing faults – is designed to continuously measure the high-frequency noise of voltage and current for their intensity and duration and the gaps between them. 
  • Integrated filters with intelligent software analyze the signals. If anything unusual is detected, the AFDD disconnects the circuit within fractions of a second.
  • SIARC reliably distinguishes harmless causes of faults such as those generated by drills or vacuum cleaners from dangerous arcs.

The result: intelligent fire prevention and thus optimal and standard-compliant comprehensive protection of people and plants.

Quick and easy installation of SENTRON AFDDs

The arc fault detection devices are part of the integrated Sentron portfolio from Siemens. The product series encompasses the 5SM6 AFD unit in two widths for mounting on miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) or residual current operated circuit breakers, as well as the new 5SV6 combined version.

Your benefits with SENTRON AFDDs

Quick, standard-compliant and error-free configuration and planning thanks to professional software, tender specifications, and comprehensive engineering data. 

Flexible implementation of needs-based solutions for electrical installers and panel builders, while simultaneously reducing stock keeping needs – thanks to the modular portfolio offering a broad and comprehensive range of standardized accessories.

Installing new equipment or retrofitting existing systems requires little cost and efforts due to the intuitive installation of AFD units on standardized busbars or mounting rails.

The AFD units can be easily purchased either online or locally from electrical wholesalers.

Technical advisory services on products, applications and standards as well as personal support for everything from design development to network planning and configuration.

SENTRON AFDD References - successfully in use

Whether it’s in public transport applications, the food industry, or in laboratories – you can rely on 5SM6 AFD units. Learn more and convince yourself.

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