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Protecting against short-circuits and overloads, function failure, and electric shocks: Circuit protection devices play a number of important roles in electrical installations. But there are also new challenges to overcome, including those resulting from digitalization in buildings and plants. Measurement and communication-capable SENTRON circuit protection devices have been refined  specifically to deal with these demands and offer a smart solution that provides end-to-end protection for people, plant, and systems.

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Ensure availability and protection in conjunction with high energy efficiency and minimized operating costs: As an operator or facility manager for buildings or plants, you know best what’s important when it comes to electrical installations in today’s environment. It isn’t an easy task, considering the growing number of consumers and the increasingly complex nature of power distribution. And then there’s often the question of integrating renewables and additional loads caused by charging electric vehicles, for example. What’s needed is a high level of transparency in power distribution, right through to every end consumer. The principal goal is to prevent outages.

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There’s no magic to the digital transformation, but you get magical benefits that will pay off for your business. You can count on these benefits with the latest generation of SENTRON circuit protection devices. No matter, if new system or retrofit. Due to the compact design in one modular width you get more functions in the same installation space.

With SENTRON circuit protection devices, you bring transparency into the branch circuit:

Foresight with added value: SENTRON circuit protection devices in the COM series allow the setting of limit values. If a limit is exceeded, a warning is issued so that countermeasures can be promptly taken and a system failure prevented.

Cost-efficient plant operation: Precise condition data shows you when a component needs to be replaced. That means you enjoy maximum service life with consistently high reliability. And you can plan the replacement of components and maintenance work.

Knowledge creates added value: Seek out faults, identify them, and eliminate them – SENTRON helps you locate problems and understand them better. That means you can fix them faster and get back to normal plant operation as quickly as possible.

Easily cut your electricity costs: SENTRON analyzes your power consumption right down to the individual consumer level. That means your processes will achieve a new level of energy efficiency, e.g. through load shifting. You benefit twice, since the result is easy on your budget – and on the environment.

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Communications- and measurement-capable circuit protection devices

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