SENTRON 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link – safety through transparency

Key Visual 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link

More intelligence in the local grid

When it comes to supply security and power quality, electrical utility companies and grid operators are constantly facing new challenges. A steadily increasing number of electrical consumers and high, uneven loads are confronted with a changing power generation landscape. Renewable energy sources like photovoltaics and wind energy plants are a basic component of today’s grids, making it more difficult to ensure a constant and optimal power supply and compensate system perturbations. The measurement- and communication-capable SENTRON 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link offers a solution to these challenges. Thanks to its measuring and communication functions, it not only provides optimal overload and short-circuit protection but also offers a digital solution that brings transparency to local power distribution.

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Transparent and safe

Keeping an eye on power flows at all times

Grid availability – and thus the availability of customers’ plants – greatly depends on the plant’s safety and level of protection. But it also depends on knowing the current state of power distribution in a transformer substation and being able to trace dynamic changes at all times so that impending load imbalances can be detected ahead of time. The measurement- and communication-capable 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link supplies the data necessary for an assessment of the present situation as well as for long-term views and optimizations.

In dialog with the transformer substation

Smart local grids are only as smart as their individual components. Non-networked transformer substations make it much more difficult to identify overloads and unbalanced loads, which in turn increases the risk of power outages and consequential damage and, in the event of a fault, makes detecting and locating power failures time-consuming and costly. The measurement- and communication-capable 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link makes transformer substations smart and enables them to be integrated in digital systems. Thanks to the transparency of grid activities, you can optimally monitor power flows, detect impending power failures before they occur, correct them more quickly, and in this way effectively reduce the associated costs. With the 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link, you have exactly the transparency you need to safeguard the power supply – and the basis for planning any necessary grid expansions and optimizations.

Systematic improvement of protection

The measurement- and communication-capable 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link from the SENTRON portfolio convinces with its systematic approach. It combines the traditional function of a fuse link (safely interrupting a circuit in the event of a short-circuit or overload) with measurement and communication functions, turning a purely reactive grid component into a source of information that you can use as a basis for important decisions. The protection function is separated from the measurement and communication function inside the device. If the fuse part has tripped, it can be replaced separately, while you can continue to use the electronics module with its integrated current transformer.

Upgrading to a smart transformer substation – quickly and easily

Thanks to the possibility of retrofit, the communication-capable 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link is an extremely simple and uncomplicated way to integrate digitalization in your transformer substations. Despite the added measurement and communication capabilities, it has the same dimensions as conventional LV HRC fuses and replaces them in existing 400 V power distribution systems. The measured data is transmitted to the 7KN Powercenter 1000 data transceiver – wirelessly within a field and without additional cabling expense – and can be forwarded from there to higher-level gateways or monitoring and analysis systems via Modbus TCP.

Digitalization of transformer substations

See what’s what – anytime and from anywhere

Optimize the operation of your plants with consistent data that’s constantly available when and where you need it – whether in the cloud using higher-level analysis tools, via a PC using the SENTRON powermanager power monitoring software, or directly at the plant via a mobile device using the SENTRON powerconfig mobile app. The 7KN Powercenter 1000 data transceiver gathers the data from up to 24 measurement- and communication-capable devices and forwards it on.

Protecting, measuring and communicating in one device: The communication-capable SENTRON 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link connects the field level of the local substation to higher-level digital automation and monitoring systems via the 7KN Powercenter 1000 data transceiver.

SENTRON powerconfig mobile app

Parameterization and commissioning are conveniently performed using the SENTRON powerconfig mobile app, uncomplicated via smartphone or tablet.

7KN Powercenter 1000 data transceiver

As a data transceiver, the 7KN Powercenter 1000 takes on a central task for the communication capability of your digital substation. Up to 24 devices can supply their data wirelessly, which the data transceiver then forwards to higher-level control, analysis or monitoring systems.


The measured values can be visualized in local monitoring systems such as the SENTRON powermanager on the Intranet or Internet. Alternatively, they are transmitted via Modbus TCP to automation and remote terminal units of the SICAM A8000 series and can thus be integrated into SCADA systems or cloud-based applications.

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More transparency, better protection, higher grid and plant availability

The 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link not only ensures safety in the event of a short-circuit or overload, but also offers you the benefits of more transparent power flows down to the field level. It improves the safety and availability of grids and plants, because impending faults can be detected and prevented before they occur.
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