SENTRON residual current protective devices (RCDs)

The number of electrical consumers in homes and commercial buildings has increased significantly. The latest electrical devices often have quite different characteristics in terms of current consumption than earlier devices. This requires new protection strategies for electrical installations including appropriate RCDs or RCCDs that cut the current immediately and safely in the event of a fault.

5SV1 RCBOs - Double protection in one device

The compact 5SV1 RCBOs reliably protect different electrical circuits against fault currents. They combine residual current detection and overcurrent protection in just one modular width (MW) and ensure reliable personal and cable protection in numerous areas of application with just one device.


  • Space savings of 50% thanks to a compact solution for residual current and line protection
  • Simple retrofit in existing systems thanks to the same design
  • Easy integration on DIN rails thanks to slider actuation
  • Possibility of adding a 5SM6 AFD unit for protection against fault currents, overcurrent, short-circuits and arcing faults in just two modular widths

RCCBs – the right type for all cases

The RCDs from the SENTRON portfolio offer the right solution for every application. All RCDs are available in different types and versions suited to detecting different types of residual current and different areas of application.

5SV RCCBs, Type A and F

Type A RCCBs trip both with sinusoidal AC fault currents and with pulsating DC fault currents. The protective devices are mainly used for single-phase loads with electrical components in the power supply. Single-phase frequency converters are used in many modern devices, such as washing machines or heating pumps. These can generate residual currents from a frequency mixture with frequency components in the kHz range. Type F residual current operated circuit breakers, which have a surge current strength of > 3 kA and a load capacity with smooth DC fault currents of up to 10 mA, protect against this.

5SV3 RCCBs, type B/B+

To protect against smooth DC residual currents, SIQUENCE 5SV3 type B/B+ universal current-sensitive RCCBs with an integrated SIGRES function are used. They have an additional converter for the separate detection of DC residual currents and are suitable for use in three-phase systems upstream of input circuits with rectifiers.

RC units 5SM2, type A and F

RC units according to DIN EN 61009-1 (VDE 0664-20) are suitable for the attachment of miniature circuit breakers. Combined with a miniature circuit breaker, they provide the same functionality as RCBOs. They enable a high degree of flexibility in use and high protection functions.

RCBOs 5SV1 Type A and F in 1 MW

RCBOs (Residual current operated circuit breakers with overcurrent protection) combine residual current detection and overcurrent protection in a single device. The 5SV1 RCBOs for the first time combine residual current and overload protection in one modular width (MW). Thus more protection devices can be installed in the distribution board and existing installations can easily be expanded with new protection functions in a space-saving solution. The protection devices can also be connected in a 5SM6 AFD unit - thus offering personal, line and preventive fire protection.

mehrpoligen FI/LS-Schalter 5SU1

5SU1 type A multi-pole RCBOs

5SU1 RCBOs in 2-, 3-, and 4-pole versions combine residual current circuit breakers and miniature circuit breakers in one device. They protect people from fault currents and systems from short circuits and overloads. They ensure all-pole protection of final circuits with 2, 3 or 4 outer conductors as well as protection of the N conductor against overload due to harmonics in non-linear consumers such as PC power supplies, energy-saving lamps or consumer electronics.

5SU1 RCBOs Type A and F in 2 MW

5SU1 RCBOs combine residual current detection and overcurrent protection in one device. The protective devices can also be connected to a 5SM6 AFD unit and thus offer perfect all-round protection with rated currents of up to 40 A and 10 kA switching capacity.

RCCBs in the SENTRON Portfolio – your benefits

The right version - for every requirement

Patented SIGRES versions were designed for protection under special conditions. Thanks to the integrated condensation protection, they offer maximum safety and a long service life.

With an impulse withstandstrength greater than 3 kA, unwanted shutdowns are prevented by briefly delaying the triggering of the RCCB. This avoids unnecessary tripping and thus system disruptions, for example in the case of pulsed leakage currents when a capacitor is switched on.

With  an impulse withstand strength greater than 5 kA, the selective shutdown of individual system parts is made possible by a tripping delay and a staggering of the tripping time and rated residual current.

The right protection device for every requirement

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