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Power distribution concepts and tools for electrical planners
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Conceptual consulting in the planning phase of power distribution concepts

Increasingly complex projects, ever-changing standards and specifications, growing customer requirements with a focus on future-proof technology and the lowest possible life cycle costs –anticipate customer requirements right from the outset. This page provides in-depth information on specific topics such as energy monitoring and condition monitoring.

Totally Integrated Power

For holistic power distribution system planning with project support, software / online tools, technical documents and trainings, visit Totally Integrated Power.

Energy efficiency

Transparent energy flows and consumption are becoming increasingly important for customers. Rely on our support in planning compelling energy monitoring solutions.


Today’s customers expect absolutely fail-safe power distribution. Discover how condition monitoring solutions help you to ensure it.    

Safety for man and machine

On top of physical safety aspects such as protection against electric arcs, cybersecurity has assumed a central role in power distribution today. Here’s how to navigate this complex topic.


Time-saving planning processes require state-of-the-art working methods. That's why we support you in networked planning using BIM and CAx data, which enables you to implement customer requirements as efficiently as possible.

Here’s how you benefit from our consulting approaches in power distribution:


Simply download the concepts and tools that support you

Topical downloads on energy efficiency, availability, safety, and comfortable working environments that help you to take your customers' current and future requirements into account right from the start.

Efficient planning of power monitoring systems

Keeping track of energy flows and consumption in the energy distribution system requires communication-capable protection, switching, measuring, and monitoring devices. The data they supply enable building users to utilize all energy resources responsibly and economically, and they also support the automated operation of buildings and industrial plants.

Here you can find concepts, tools and solutions for the efficient planning of future-proof energy monitoring systems.

Ensuring availability with condition monitoring

Communication-capable, self-monitoring protection, switching, measuring, and monitoring devices for power distribution infuse intelligence to every final circuit. The data supplied from the field level enable the building operator to perform predictive, condition-based maintenance of the components, which ensures maximum availability of the power distribution system.

Our concepts, tools and solutions for condition monitoring facilitate the planning of sustainable power distribution systems and help you to provide expert advice to your customers.