Siemens supports EPC project managers with free concepts and tools for all aspects of power distribution.

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Power distribution concepts and support material for project managers
If you have any questions or are you looking for further support to derive maximum benefit from the power distribution systems in your projects, our experts will be happy to provide you with all the know-how you need.

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Conceptual consulting in the implementation phase of power distribution concepts

Projects that are absolutely compelling – despite increasing complexity, time and cost pressure, and rising expectations in terms of quality, scope of services, and lifecycle costs. Our concepts and tools for electrical power distribution help you to perfectly implement customer requirements.

The availability of electrical power supply is the backbone of buildings and infrastructure facilities nowadays. We illustrate how to translate these demands into a profitable application concept.

Energy efficiency

Energy monitoring is a must for many companies today, because it’s the basis for the efficient use of energy. We help you to easily implement optimal solutions that provide maximum transparency of energy flows and consumption.


Planning and construction have become enormously complex with modern, smart buildings. Our concepts provide you with everything you’ll need for the software-based, networked planning, construction, and management.


In addition to physical security, cybersecurity has become an important topic due to the increasing networking of devices. We explain the options that are available with protection devices.

Here’s how you benefit from our consulting approaches in power distribution:


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We support you with comprehensive know-how on topics such as energy efficiency, availability, security, and a comfortable working environment to enable you manage your projects successfully – from planning all the way to implementation.

Perfectly operating buildings thanks to maximum availability

Communication-capable protection, switching, measuring, and monitoring devices provide data that enables the building operator to perform predictive, condition-based maintenance of all components. That’ the basis for the development of consistent strategies to prevent distribution failures and for the significant reduction of unplanned and costly downtime.

Keep up to date with the latest technical developments with our range of information and use our concepts and tools to provide competent advice to your clients.

Power monitoring expertise for your projects

Today, building operators and users demand full transparency in terms of energy flows and consumption within the power distribution system. Communication-capable protection, switching, measuring, and monitoring devices must provide the required data.

The concepts, tools, and solutions provided here will inform you about the state of the art and help you navigate reliably through the efficient planning and implementation of future-proof energy monitoring systems.

Comfortable work due to BIM method and framework contract

The use of CAE systems and CAx data accelerates the power distribution planning process enormously.  

High quality data for your CAE/CAD system

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In the future, no one will be able to avoid Building Information Modeling (BIM). The use of BIM models simplifies project coordination. We support you in building up BIM know-how in order to get into the new planning method more quickly. This improves the flow of information throughout the project. Meeting current challenges in the infrastructure market with Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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In addition, you save money by signing a framework agreement with Siemens. This includes special conditions, a personal contact person, training and joint marketing activities. 

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Plan and implement cybersecurity effectively

To benefit from intelligent systems and networked operating technology, one inevitably also creates potential access channels for cybercriminals. This particularly applies to electrical power distribution, which, when sabotaged, will affect all electrically connected applications. In order to arm oneself against this ever growing challenge that is increasing year after year, it is important that all actors along the life cycle of components in industrial networks and electrical power distribution make cybersecurity an integral part of their corporate philosophy.

Here you will find concepts and solutions to efficiently plan a consistent cybersecurity strategy.