Protect yourself from arc faults

Learn more in our white paper about new possibilities for personal protection with the DAS+ maintenance mode in the 3WA air circuit breaker.
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Reducing energy from arc faults and protecting maintenance personnel in accordance with standards

Hazards associated with electricity at low voltages are often underestimated. Arc faults, which can occur in particular during maintenance work on live parts, represent a potential hazard source. In the worst case, they result in serious injuries and even death. Operators of power distribution equipment have a legal and moral duty to protect their personnel against hazards.


The foundation for effective arc fault protection is laid during the installation planning stage. Various protective devices are approved to ensure rapid deactivation. One of the options available is an energy-reducing maintenance function with local status indication. It is precisely this kind of function that has been established as standard with the DAS+ maintenance mode in the 3WA air circuit breaker. This enables operators to protect their personnel effectively at no extra cost while reducing maintenance effort. At the same time, selectivity concepts with short-time delayed tripping can continue to be used for normal operation. Find out more in our white paper.