Planning internal arc fault protection

The Instrument for higher system availability
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Small Fault, large downtime

Power failures in industry and infrastructure can result in significant consequences throughout certain applications. In particular, sensitive and critical applications, such as Process Industries or Information Technology businesses, can be faced with substantially high costs. The longer the outage lasts, the more far-reaching the effects will be. In infrastructure applications such as power distribution, power failures can result in sizable disruption and panic for even the most miniscule of faults, especially in buildings which are highly populated.


For operators therefore, availability is a decisive factor of system design. To meet customers' availability requirements, electrical planners can equip systems with specific protection against unplanned events which could seriously impair availability. Such events include internal arc faults, which can result in severe damage to the system and long downtimes.


This white paper provides electrical planners with an overview of measures that reduce the risk of occurrence of an arc fault and mitigate its effects. Successful protection of the system against accidental arcing is a double edged sword: Not only does it increase the availability of the system for the operator, but it also contributes to the protection of engineers and users.