Comprehensive cybersecurity for low-voltage power distribution

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Learn why any “light” version of cybersecurity is useless

With the interconnectivity of system components in industry and infrastructure steadily increasing, the discipline of cybersecurity is becoming a factor decisive to corporate success. Cyber attackers take aim at more than just major corporate giants. In fact, statistics show that small and medium-sized enterprises are targeted in particular.


In this whitepaper you learn which type of cyber threats companies face today. We also look at  technical and process-related instruments that enable a high level of cybersecurity to be maintained over the entire lifecycle of system components. Manufacturer, system integrator and the operator or planning engineer must consider specific aspects of cybersecurity so that the automation or power distribution system can later be comprehensively protected against attacks. The earlier cybersecurity is integrated into the process, the more effectively it can be implemented in the downstream lifecycle phases.